Fans Are Loving This One Song From 'Black Panther' & It's Too Good


Black Panther is more than just another superhero movie. Marvel's latest excursion is breaking box office records by elevating what is expected from the capes-and-tights genre, infusing the usual super-powered fight with thoughtful explorations on international politics and a refreshingly innovative created society. Another thing that helps set Black Panther apart is its music. In particular, fans can't stop asking, what is the Black Panther post credits song after they hear it start up after the movie ends. The mesmerizingly ethereal jam is definitely the standout track from the new movie.

As the super-cool animated credits begin listing the names of Black Panther's main cast at the end of the movie, Kendrick Lamar and SZA's duet "All the Stars" plays. "All the Stars" serves as the de facto theme song for Black Panther, released as the first single of Black Panther: The Album, which Lamar curated and just debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. The song combines a slick and dreamy pop chorus from SZA with defiant rap verses from Lamar, pairing the two buzzy label-mates and frequent collaborators yet again.

Kendrick Lamar and SZA also released their music video for "All the Stars" the week before Black Panther's release. The video shares the movie's aesthetic theme of Afrofuturism. You can check out the full music video below:

"All the Stars" is just one of the new songs that Kendrick Lamar recorded and produced as a part of Black Panther: The Album. The new album was released as the official movie soundtrack for Black Panther, but is separate from the film's score Black Panther (Original Score), which was composed by Ludwig Göransson, who is best known for his close collaboration with Childish Gambino, Donald Glover's musical alias.

Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack is hugely collaboration-heavy, and feature the rapper himself on nearly every track. Other major artists that appear alongside Lamar on Black Panther: The Album include The Weeknd, Vince Staples, Khalid, Travis Scott, and more. You can check out the full Black Panther: The Album on Spotify now:

Of course, "All the Stars" was only one of the reasons why you should hang around for the credits after Black Panther ends. As every Marvel fan has been trained to expect by this point, the movie doesn't really end when the credits start to roll. After "All the Stars" ends, audiences get their first of two Black Panther post credits scenes. I won't spoil the specifics of the two post-credits scenes here in case you haven't seen the movie yet, but basically the first one is focused on wrapping up the main conflict of Black Panther and the second one is all about how Black Panther connects to the over-arching Marvel Cinematic Universe leading into the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War that is coming out on May 4. If you have already seen Black Panther and want to learn more about what those ending scenes really mean, you can check out this helpful breakdown of the Black Panther post-credits scenes right here.

But for those moments when you just can't make it back to the movie theater to rewatch Black Panther for the twentieth time, the best way to keep feeling the spirit of the movie is by playing Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther: The Album on repeat. The movie's hip-hop and pop soundtrack is the latest in Marvel's recent effort to incorporate popular or radio-ready music into its movies. Marvel movies had largely traditional music scored up until Guardians of the Galaxy's soundtrack found immense success in releasing a mix of popular rock and soul standards from the '70s and '80s. More recent releases like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok have also included past hits by bands like The Ramones and Led Zeppelin.

Black Panther: The Album is available now.