Lyft's New Subscription Plan Will Help You Save So Much Money While You Ride

You never know what kind of obstacles you're going to face upon ordering a car service. There might be a surprise rainstorm that hikes up the fare, or rush hour traffic that prolongs your trip. In effort to help riders avoid surge pricing and fluctuating prices, Lyft created a monthly subscription service called a "Personal Plan" — and you're bound to love it. If you're curious about what Lyft's Personal Plan is, just know that it'll probably help you save a ton of money.

The Personal Plan subscription service — which was reportedly released through the app on Monday, July 30 — lets you lock in the price of your favorite trip. In order to do so, you are asked to pay a small subscription fee that'll set in the rate of your chosen route. According to Refinery29, the fee you're expected to pay is dependent on the route you choose, and can cost between $1.99 and $9.99. Apparently, the set rate for your chosen route can only be up to $25.

In other words, you'll be able to pay a tiny monthly fee for the Personal Plan subscription, and Lyft will lock in the rate for your go-to trip. This is good news for frequent riders who request the same journey every day.

Lyft provided a photo via email of what the Personal Plan subscription looks like, and it’ll probably help clarify the service for you. In the example provided below, the user chose a fixed route and requested the subscription. Based off the route, Lyft asked for a $7.99 monthly fee, which would lock in a fixed rate of $9.99 for that particular ride.

It looks like a pretty good deal, right?


So, what goes into deciding the fixed price for your chosen ride? Apparently, there are many factors. Katie Dill, Lyft’s VP of Design, talked to Refinery29 about the feature. She said, “There's a lot of science behind [the rate], but we look for a reliable price we know our service can meet that is attractive to passengers as well. This will smooth out those moments where things could get more expensive because it’s a super busy time.”

Again, the Personal Plan subscription is perfect for people who take the same route on a regular basis. Whether it's a ride home from work or a "lyft" to your best friend's place, the car service has your back. However, keep in mind that the plan will only work for Lyft car rides (and not scooters or bikes).

Lyft's Personal Plan subscription comes months after the company's All-Access plan was announced. The All-Access plan — which was introduced to riders in March 2018 — let customers pay a set price to cover all of their monthly rides. The prices vary, but one deal lets riders pay the app $199 for 30 standard rides that cost up to $15 each. Another option includes 60 rides for $399. These deals are probably best for those who depend on Lyft for their daily transportation needs.

If you're someone who only has one go-to trip, Lyft's Personal Plan is a solid option for you. You can only lock in the price of route right now, but let's hope the subscription expands in the future.