This New, Mysterious Location In 'Iron Fist' Season 2 Reveals A Kay Part Of Danny's Past

by Ani Bundel

Iron Fist Season 1 was all about introducing fans to the character of Danny Rand, billionaire scion of Rand Enterprises, lost for over a decade in the mountains of China, trained by monks in martial arts. While the show delved into some of the mythos surrounding K'un Lun, just as much of the time, it was a story played for laughs. (New Yorkers: "You fought a dragon, buddy? Sure.") But Season 2 is delving deeper into the history of the Iron Fist, with details in a hidden location. What is Hancock 212 in Iron Fist Season 2? Warning: Spoilers for Iron Fist Season 2 follow.

When Davos and Joy arrive in New York City, the two of them have a plan to take down Danny Rand, but it's not clear at first what that plan entails precisely, except for an antique bowl Davos is desperate to get his hands on. There is also something that's being shipped into New York via the Hatchets over at the docks run by Mr. Yang, but again, viewers don't know what. Whatever it is, it was important enough for Davos to attack Yang over. And Yang wants Danny to go find it. His words: "Hancock 212."

Most fans of Marvel won't know this, but Hancock Shipping is a huge international corporation. When Yang says this, he's trying to tell Danny about the shipment in the warehouse. But Danny's too late anyway. Davos gets to the container long before he does.


Inside the container is a single wooden box, chained down to a palette. It looks a bit like a coffin, and that's because it is. Inside there's a mummified body of a man, wearing a costume from the original series fans will recognize instantly and a tattoo on his chest than matches Danny's. It's the Immortal Iron Fist, one that's been dead a very long time.

Davos cuts the tattoo off of the dead Iron Fist and steals the outfit. It's part of what he needs for the ritual, the one that includes the ancient bowl. He burns the skin in the bowl and uses the ashes as part of the process. He has the Crane sisters, tattoo artists he's hired to cut Danny open and add his blood to the bowl. Then they take this perfectly proportioned mixture and use it to tattoo Davos with a giant serpent on his back.


It's important to note this is not a dragon tattoo like Danny's (or the other dead Iron Fist). In the comics, Davos is known as the Steel Serpent, because he hasn't fought the dragon for the real title. Though this ritual enables Davos to absorb the power of the Iron Fist, taking it into himself, he cannot hold it. In the comics, the power consumes him from the inside until he collapses and it leaves his body, whereupon Danny reabsorbs it.

With Danny struggling to recreate the ritual to get his powers back, will the plot of the comic prevail, and Davos be consumed by a power he cannot hold? It would solve a lot of problems if it did.