Here's What Cal Was Screaming During This Week's 'Manifest' Episode


This week's episode on Manifest finally presented a mystery of the week that doesn't actually get solved by the end of the hour. So far, each "incident" happening to the passengers, from the voices to the hallucinations, have not only revealed the what, but also the why. There's always a resolve of whatever the week's "calling," as Ben has named these incidents. But this week's calling didn't really resolve itself. What is Cal saying in Manifest? Warning: Spoilers for Manifest Season 1 follow.

The show starts with a flashback to the three-hour flight from Jamaica to New York. There's a new passenger this week the show focuses in on, named Marko Valeriev. A Bulgarian foreign national, he doesn't speak a lot of English, and he needs help filling out his customs form. As he walks down the aisle, he tousles Cal's head.

This connection was apparently more than just physical, though no one knew it at the time. Cal is now somehow mentally connected to this passenger and whatever the man is going through. He's also speaking in Bulgarian, obviously channeling what Marko is saying. And what Marko is saying is "Помогни ми." In our Latin alphabet, it's "Pomogni mi," which translates to "Help me."


In the first incident, Cal also says a few other phrases, this time in English. They include: "They're hurting me," and "Not the red door." As Grace and Ben rush Cal and his spiking fever to the hospital, Cal says one more phrase: "побързай." In the Latin alphabet, it translates to "pobŭrzaĭ." The iPad translator Ben holds up says "Hurry," but it's actually "Hurry up." Whatever is happening to Marko, he's crying out for help, and he needs it soon.

Ben's need to figure out the mystery leads him and Michaela to Marko pretty quickly, or perhaps a better answer is the lack of Marko. He's one of 11 unaccounted for passengers Ben hasn't been able to turn up. This is where Michaela's detective skills come in, and she tracks those 11 passengers to a fifth bus no one ever accounted for on the survivor manifest.


But the real problem in Ben's world right now is Grace. After insisting all season Saanvi, Michaela, and everyone else must keep everyone in the dark about these "callings," he winds up being the first to break, telling Grace he's hearing things. He also admits Cal's fever may actually be connected to something happening to a man miles away from them. Grace doesn't take it well, as one can imagine.

But Ben's determination to get answers does trigger an investigation. Turns out Vance and his NSA people are just as much in the dark over those 11 passengers as Ben and company are. In fact, with Michaela's sleuthing, she knows more than they do. When the NSA starts asking questions, prompted by Ben's accusations, Marko is unhooked from the tests affecting Cal, so the makeshift lab can move.

This allows Cal's fever to drop, seemingly making him all better. But for how long? For once, the "calling" to save Marko hasn't been solved in a single episode. Next week should be interesting.