Bleisure Is A Game Changer & You'll Want To Ditch Your Desk Job To Make It Work

by Ciara Johnson

Have you felt that strong urge to combine your desk day job and travel the world? Trust me, you're not alone. Fortunately, you can now do both. It's 2018, and working while traveling is totally a thing. Millennials are now embarking on "bleisure" trips, which means they're combining business and relaxation. On first thought, this style of travel might seem a little odd. We all dream of vacationing to get away from work, so why would anyone choose to work while they're traveling? Ford Motor Company's second annual travel trend report reveals why bleisure is a thing and how you can make it work.

What if you had the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world instead of in your office? Sounds like a dream, right? Imagine finishing up an assignment in Thailand and walking to the beach right after, or getting your morning surf in before you start a conference call in Costa Rica. This will allow you to enjoy life every day, instead of waiting for the weekend or your yearly vacation. What if you could live the life of your dreams while working toward your career goals? You might be surprised to find out that many people actually want to mix work and play for a more balanced life. With the current digital work landscape, this could become a reality for you.

Workplace Flexibility is Growing
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Long gone are the days of spending all of your days confined to a grey cubicle. Companies are introducing workplace flexibility, allowing employees to have more flexibility with where, when, and how they work. As a result, the "digital nomad" has emerged. According to Ford Motor Company, "digital nomads" use technology to work from from anywhere on the globe. It's a growing trend, and millennials are so for this lifestyle.

The Definition Of Travel Is Changing
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While the traditional idea of work changes, the definition of travel is also changing. Travel is no longer planned for one or two weeks during the year. People are tacking travel days onto business trips, discovering the beauty of exploring a town for a weekend or even just a night.

According to Ford Motor Company, millennials are traveling to do their job while also feeding their wanderlust. I mean, you need a paycheck in order to fund those cool excursions, am I right?

Millennials are seeking a life of adventure and spontaneity. This is why companies like Pack Up + Go, a unique travel agency that arranges surprise trips, are thriving. Millennials want to take the scenic route, explore local cafes, and choose lodging on the fly. At the same time, they want to know that they can reconnect at anytime. Makes perfect sense to me.

People Want To Travel While Working
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The idea of working while traveling might seem absurd. Isn't vacation about unplugging? Well, sure, but what if you had the opportunity to incorporate aspects of vacation into your everyday life? What if you could create a life that you didn't need to take a vacation from?

Ford's travel trend statistics reveal that "60 percent of Americans indicated a need to be productive during a road trip," so many see USB outlets and Wi-Fi as a necessity on the road. As a result, their new line of automobiles will include unlimited wifi, USB charging ports, live streaming, and hands-free communication.

Roam, a Ford partner, is one of many companies that aims to introduce people to this "new way of living," according to its website. This company offers co-living spaces in San Francisco, London, Bali, Miami, and Tokyo. You can live at one of its communal spaces for a week or more. The choice is yours!

According to its website, the international co-working network will offer travelers comfort, community, and productivity. Basically, you'll have the resources and social network to chase your dreams from anywhere in the world. Get your yoga sesh in before working in its Bali rooftop cafe, or share a family-style dinner with your new friends in the London dining hall.

Simply put, bleisure is a game changer. Due to a desire for unending spontaneity and work-life balance, millennials are redefining the way we work and play. I'm not mad about it.