Alayah on 'The Bachelor'

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Alayah From 'The Bachelor'

ABC/John Fleenor

All eyes are on Alayah Benavidez. After getting off to a fairly steady start in the Bachelor Mansion, the 24-year-old contestant really came to the forefront of screens as the center of The Bachelor's Week 3 drama. Now, thanks to a particularly poignant question from fellow contestant Sydney Hightower, fans are wondering not only who the pageant queen is, but also what Alayah's job is outside of The Bachelor.

The Jan. 20 episode's group date included seven of Pilot Pete's potential partners, and featured the ladies pillow-fighting it out in a Western-style saloon. After a montage of pajama-clad women beating the crap out of each other, Sydney and Alayah were chosen to battle out for the top spot. In the end, Alayah won the final round after sitting on top of Sydney, and tensions between the two contestants didn't stop there. In the evening portion of the date, Sydney seethed about Alayah until she straight-up asked her, "Do you, like, work... at all?" to which Alayah — seemingly oblivious to what Sydney was implying — responded saying of course she did, and that she in fact had three jobs.

Fans noticed the not-so-subtle shade throw from Sydney and shared their feelings on Twitter:

Although Sydney's question left fans equally amused and shook, Alayah's ABC profile proves she indeed stays busy, noting she works as an orthodontist assistant out of San Antonio, Texas. Alayah's Instagram bio adds another line to the resume, saying she's a business owner focused on "helping fund literacy initiatives" and linking to Three Bees Boutique, which lists Alayah as its "queen bee." The business' website seems to confirm she runs the boutique with two others; it also says her "passion for literacy is the driving force behind Three Bees Boutique funding of literacy initiatives."

Despite this list of activities, Alayah may best be known for her accolades in the pageant world. She was named Miss United States in 2016, as well as Miss Texas USA in 2019. She went on to compete at the Miss USA pageant in 2019 as well. Though she's not a current title-holder, it seems she's still very much a part of the pageant world, as her boutique's website also mentions she helps women train for upcoming pageants, rounding out the trio of jobs she mentioned on the show.

During their convo, Alayah told Sydney how time-consuming participating in Miss USA can be, and that the commitment makes it tough to hold a full-time job at the same time. TBH, it kind of sounds like a similar situation to all the women who dropped what they were doing to pursue Peter's heart on The Bachelor...

Alayah was sent home during Week 3, meaning her schedule has likely cleared up and there's time for her to jump back into her many professions.

The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.