Kevin in This is Us

Here's Everything Fans Know About The Big Cabin Fight In 'This Is Us'

by Ani Bundel

When This Is Us jumped ahead to a scene from the Season 5 premiere, it hinted things were going to get dark and ugly among the Big Three. In it, Rebecca's memory is going so badly, she asks where Randall is. Kevin sadly tells her, "We're not speaking, remember?" Since then, fans have wondered when the blow-up would come. Now it looks like it's within the next two episodes, as the siblings plan to head to the Pearson cabin. So what happens at the cabin in This Is Us Season 4? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

There's still one more episode between "A Hell of a Week: Part 2" and the Incident at the Cabin. First, fans have to see how Kate's life is going in "A Hell of a Week: Part 3." But viewers already know it's not good. As Kate puts it to her brothers, "My marriage is hanging by a thread."

But in truth, all three siblings are hanging by threads. And that's usually when somebody snaps.

The This Is Us producers, Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, admitted they are excited for this episode to air. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Berger gave a little preview:

They all have a lot going on right now, and we always love when we can bring this trio together. And they’re going to be together in a cabin, away from service —

Aptaker interrupts: "— in the snow!" To which she continued:

So we can expect that feelings may boil over under these circumstances.

Speaking to TVLine, actor Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, admitted he wasn't allowed to give anything away. But under a bit of prodding, he revealed the cabin episode will be intense:

Trying to be there for other people when you’re going through a lot of stuff is difficult. But they’re all connected. They’re family. And some s—t comes out. There’s a minor blow-up. Different ways of handling important situations.

Considering that Randall already lied to Kevin about where he was coming from at the airport, one can guess where this might go. A minor blow up over Randall hiding Rebecca's condition turns into a major trust breach when Kevin realizes Randall lied. Kate, already shattered by Toby's lies, sides with Kevin. The Big Three split, and hard.

Could this be what fans are in for? It will be a couple of weeks before anyone finds out. Meanwhile, This Is Us Season 4 returns on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.