The 'Sabrina' Christmas Special Finally Reveals What Happened To Diana

by Ani Bundel

When Chilling Adventures of Sabrina wrapped up the first season at Halloween, it left a lot of dangling plot threads, from Miss Wardwell's plans for Sabrina now she's signed the Book of the Beast to the truth about Sabrina's parents. That final plot point came with an extra twist: Sabrina had seen her mother, trapped in limbo, but she didn't know how and why. What happened to Sabrina’s mother? Warning: Spoilers for Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter's Tale follow.

When the Christmas special episode begins, Sabrina is obsessed with figuring out why her mother is trapped where she is. She's also desperate to ask her some things. Not just about her parent's relationship and the past, but just general mixed-relationship advice, especially when it comes to trying to get back with Harvey.

Sabrina's plan, as always, involves not letting her Aunts know what she's up to. She's hoping to hold a seance and have Roz and Susie come help, but both of them are not down with this sort of party, not now and perhaps not ever. She winds up having to ask the Weird Sisters if they'll help her, and surprisingly, they're not just willing but eager to get some practice in at speaking to the dead.


Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned. Sabrina lets Miss Wardwell into on her plans and is rewarded by her witchy teacher using a voodoo gingerbread version of the Spellman house to put out the Yule Log protecting them from Solstice spirits. Diana Spellman appears, but before she can even answer why she's in limbo, the sound of little childrens' laughter has come down the chimney, and Aunts Zelda and Hilda are racing to relight the fire. They accidentally catch Sabrina in the act of dialing up her dead mom.

But it turns out once Agatha has let Diana out of limbo, she's able to do so again. That's good for the family because when Gryla shows up to help remove the spooky children from the house, Diana helps Sabrina keep Letitia safe from the wood witch's claims to her.


It also means Diana can pop by for a visit after the Solstice has ended, this time not conjured via a seance, but just a friendly mother-daughter chat. It turns out Diana was stuck in limbo because she was so worried about Sabrina when she died in the airplane crash. But now that Diana has seen Zelda and Hilda, and how much they love Sabrina, she is no longer concerned. Sabrina has two mothers right there and Diana can pass on in peace.

But it is notable, Diana isn't thrilled at the idea of Sabrina bringing Harvey into the Church of the Night. In her view, it's not something anyone should ever do to a mortal soul, having gone through it herself. This is bad news for Sabrina. It also opens more questions. Just how bad was Diana's experience in the Church of the Night, anyway? Viewers may find out when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 arrives in 2019.