The recap of Sabrina in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 3 is a reminder of all the drama.

Here's Everything To Remember About Sabrina's Journey In 'CAOS' Ahead Of Part 4


Unfortunately, Sabrina Spellman's chilling adventures are about to come to an end. The witchy show's fourth installment will be its last, wrapping up two years of hellish twists and dark magic. But before you jump into the final season, you need to remind yourself what happened to Sabrina in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3, or you will most definitely be completely lost right off the bat. Here's a refresher of where things left off after a particularly confusing Part 3 finale.

The main story in Part 3 was Sabrina competing against the prince of hell, Caliban, in order to become the queen of the underworld. For the bulk of the season, Sabrina and Caliban faced off in a treasure hunt to obtain the Unholy Regalia, all while Sabrina was also up against some newly arrived pagans threatening destruction in Greendale. Moreso than in seasons past, Part 3 amped up the difficulty of Sabrina living split lives in hell and the mortal realm, culminating in a paradoxical twist involving dual identities and time travel.

In the final episode, Sabrina awoke from the stone prison Caliban trapped her in years in the future, having been freed by another version of herself, who then takes that Sabrina's place in the stone prison. Yeah, it's confusing, but the episode quickly explains what is going on: Sabrina is able to use the mysterious egg discovered by Father Blackwood and the Unholy Regalia to travel through time, allowing her to go back and stop the pagans before they destroy the world.

But things get really complicated when Sabrina decides to break the cycle of taking her other self's place in the stone prison after defeating the pagans, thus ending the time loop and creating a reality in which two Sabrinas exist at once.


The two Sabrinas agreed to keep the decision secret, with one Sabrina remaining in hell to rule as queen while the other returned to Greendale to live in the mortal realm. At the end of the season, the only other person who knows about the two Sabrinas is Ambrose, who voiced his concern that the paradox could have massive repercussions.

There's one more thing fans should remember before heading into Part 4: Father Blackwood's egg. The mysterious object wreaked some time traveling mayhem throughout Part 3, and in the finale, Blackwood finally managed to get the egg to hatch. Viewers didn't get to see what was inside the egg, but Blackwood spoke of the Eldritch Terrors throughout the season and Netflix already confirmed the Lovecraftian monstrosities will be the primary antagonists in Part 4.


There you have it: two Sabrinas are secretly existing in different realms and Father Blackwood has unleashed the Eldritch Terrors. Now you are ready to start watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 when it arrives on Netflix on Thursday, Dec. 31.