Here's Everything You Should Remember About Claire Before Watching 'Luke Cage' Season 2


Although Netflix's Marvel Universe keeps on growing, there is one person who keeps everything connected. In every series so far (except for the recent Punisher), super-nurse Claire Temple always shows up to patch up wounds and, occasionally, kick some ass. Although she is on call to help out all of the Defenders, Claire has a special relationship with Luke Cage, and that continues in the newly-released second season of Luke Cage. But before you dive in, fans might need a refresher on what happened to Claire Temple in Luke Cage Season 1. Here's everything you need to know about Marvel's constantly on-call nurse as you begin the second season of Luke Cage.

Since Claire Temple's story has been part of pretty much every Marvel series on Netflix for the past few years, the best way to structure this refresher might be to focus on the role she played in each show and season that she has appeared in.

Daredevil Season 1

Claire Temple made her first appearance in Daredevil, which was the very first Netflix Marvel show to premiere back in 2015. A professional nurse (who is partially based on the Marvel comic book character Night Nurse), Claire stumbles upon a badly-beaten Matt Murdock in a dumpster and treats his wounds. She and Matt develop a friendship, deciding it best not to act on the romantic spark between them, and Claire becomes Matt's go-to medic after his fights as Daredevil.

Jessica Jones Season 1

Luke Cage first meets Claire Temple in the first season of Jessica Jones. In the season, Jessica met and immediately began a relationship and partnership with Luke, after realizing that he, too, had powers and wanted to take down Kilgrave. However, Kilgrave manages to take control of Luke, and Jessica is forced to shoot him in the head at point-blank range in order to knock him out. Luckily, Claire Temple is working at the hospital when Luke is brought in, and Jessica convinces her to take care of Luke back at her apartment in order to keep his powers under wraps. Claire is able to revive Luke, who leaves Hell's Kitchen to return to Harlem.


Daredevil Season 2

Claire Temple continues to help Matt Murdock as he takes on the secret ninja sect The Hand, and she also decides to make helping superheroes her full-time job by quitting her actual nursing gig at the hospital.

Luke Cage Season 1

After her hectic career in Hell's Kitchen, Claire Temple moves up to Harlem in order to reconnect with her mother, Soledad Temple. She also reunites with Luke Cage while in Harlem, and helps him take down his brother, Diamondback. In particular, Claire helps to revive Luke (again) after he is shot with a Judas bullet, by bringing him to the man who gave Luke his powers in the first place, Dr. Noah Burstein. By the end of the season, Claire and Luke have fallen in love with one another, but Luke is arrested and sent to prison right after their first kiss.

Iron Fist Season 1

Not just a nurse anymore, Claire Temple begins training at a dojo with martial arts experts Danny Rand and Colleen Wing to learn how to inflict pain instead of just healing it. She uses her newfound fighting skills as well as her tried-and-true nursing abilities to help Danny and Colleen take on The Hand and regain control of Rand Industries.

The Defenders Season 1

It makes sense that Claire Temple would be an integral part in bringing all four Defenders together, considering she's one of the only people who has a personal relationship with each of them. After Luke Cage is freed from jail, he begins a romantic relationship with Claire. She introduces Luke to Danny Rand after the two heroes fight one another, and encourages them to work together despite their initial friction. At the end of the season, Claire helps Misty Knight and Colleen Wing place explosives in The Hand's headquarters while the Defenders fight the big bads.


And now you are all caught up on Claire Temple's history up to Luke Cage Season 2. At the start of the new season, Luke and Claire are still dating and living in Harlem together, but who knows what the new story could bring.