Cheryl and Toni ended 'Riverdale's Season 5 premiere on bad terms.

'Riverdale's Season 5 Premiere Was Incredibly Rough For Choni Fans

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Prom night is always a powder keg for massive relationship drama, so of course Riverdale had to shake things up when all the couples attended their final high school dance. The main pairings on Riverdale have been pretty solid for quite some time now, but after the Season 5 premiere, their love lives aren't looking so good. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 5, Episode 1, "Climax." After a particularly rough episode for Choni, fans probably want to know exactly what happened to Cheryl and Toni in Riverdale's Season 5 premiere. It wasn't necessarily a breakup, but it certainly looks like the couple is on the brink of calling it quits.

Ever since they first got together in the middle of Season 2, Cheryl and Toni have been going strong. Sure, there have been a few small ups and downs, but it wasn't until Season 5's premiere that it actually seemed like Choni would break up for good. Although the couple had a nearly perfect prom night together, even earning the title of Riverdale High's prom queens, Cheryl wound up in tears, confessing that she knows her relationship with Toni can never work out.

The reason for this grim resignation is Toni's family. When Toni's nana found out she was dating Cheryl, she forbade her granddaughter from ever being with a Blossom, recalling how the Blossoms have historically been terrible to the Topaz family.

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The bad blood between Toni and Cheryl's ancestors has been brought up before on Riverdale. All the way back in Season 2, Toni's grandfather revealed that the land Riverdale was built on used to belong to a native tribe. It was at the orders of Cheryl's ancestor that this tribe was decimated and Riverdale was built, and Toni's family is one of the last remaining ties to this tribe.

Given that history, it's no wonder Toni's grandma wouldn't want her granddaughter around the Blossoms. At the end of prom night, Toni sadly told Cheryl that her grandmother has threatened to no longer speak to her if she chooses to stay in the relationship. Although the two didn't officially break up, it seems clear their uncoupling is imminent, especially given some hints about the upcoming time jump.

Buckle up for a lot of tears, Choni fans, as Riverdale Season 5 continues to air Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.