Blake & Caelynn's Pre-'Bachelor In Paradise' History Is A LOT To Handle

ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise is known for being a dramatic show, and the season premiere proved this season will definitely live up to previous ones. In fact, the drama this season began way before the cameras even started rolling. Caelynn Miller-Keyes was the last of the original cast to arrive in Mexico, and as soon as she did, she revealed she has history with one of the season's hot commodities, Blake Horstmann. So, what happened between Blake and Caelynn? A lot went down between them recently.

Right when Caelynn arrived on Paradise, Chris Harrison could tell she had something to share. She revealed that after her time on Colton's season of The Bachelor, she dated another Bachelor Nation alum: Blake, from Becca's season of The Bachelorette. Caelynn later revealed Colton had actually set her up with Blake, and they spent months talking multiple times a day. She said:

Blake and I talked for a few months and it was really great, but he played me and that sucked. It wasn't fun. I really did struggle and he hurt me, so if he is here, I really just wanna clear it up and I'm hopeful that Blake will man up.

Caelynn was thinking Blake would give her the opportunity to clear up their past. But instead, he avoided her during the first couple days in Mexico, which only upset Caelynn more.

Apparently a lot of drama went down at the Stagecoach music festival earlier in 2019. A lot of Bachelor Nation alums (and Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 contestants) were there, and Blake was allegedly pretty flirty with a lot of them. Reportedly, he spent an entire day talking to Tayshia, but then spent the night with Caelynn. Then, the next day Caelynn discovered Blake had spent the previous night with Kristina and was messaging Hannah G. while Caelynn was still in bed with him. Caelynn explained this twisted love web to Wells Adams, who's the Paradise bartender this season. Wells put it pretty well by responding, "This is the worst morning-after story I've heard in my entire life."

Once everyone got to Mexico, a lot of the women showed interest in Blake, which only upset Caelynn more.

"He puts on a very, like, suave, sweet guy persona, but I don't want anybody on this beach to end up with this guy," Caelynn said.

Caelynn appeared to take it upon herself to protect the other women from Blake. But he's making that even harder for her to do because he made her promise not to tell anyone about their hookup because he felt it was a "mistake."

"He just wants to protect his image," Caelynn said.

Even though Blake wanted his relationship with Caelynn to be kept under wraps, it looks like he probably won't be getting his wish. Caelynn already told Sydney all about her history with Blake. Toward the end of the Season 6 premiere, Kristina also arrived in Mexico to confront Blake about his questionable antics, so he likely isn't going to be able to move past it any time soon. Caelynn is clearly holding onto a lot of pain from her relationship with Blake, so fans should probably prepare to see a lot of tears and arguing between the two of them as the rest of this season goes on.

The two-part premiere of Bachelor in Paradise continues on Tuesday, August 6, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.