Here's What To Know About Stassi Karanikolaou, Since She's Way More Than Kylie's BFF

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Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou has long been known for being Kylie Jenner's BFF. Karanikolaou is always on hand to celebrate special occasions with the Kar-Jenner family, is always down to take a girl's trip whenever Jenner is in need, and is clearly a constant support system for the makeup mogul. While all of these qualities make up a perfect friend, many fans have wondered: What does Stassie Karanikolaou do? Well, Kylie Jenner's best friend has a pretty impressive list of personal accolades.

Many people are aware of Karanikolaou's influencer ventures, but her work goes way beyond social media. While it may seem like Karanikolaou's full-time job is matching clothes and posing with Jenner, I assure you she's working real hard behind the scenes, too. So let's dig deep into Karanikolaou's resume.

She's a Social Media Influencer on Her Own

Take one look at Karanikolaou's Instagram page and you'll be taken to a land of gorgeous photos and endless product plugs.

But Karanikolaou plays it smart when it comes to what she shares. With more than 8.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million on TikTok, it's more than just social media for her: It's her brand.

"Stassi won't post anything on Twitter or Instagram for less than $5,000,” a source told Entertainment Tonight in August 2015. Karanikolaou also has brand deals with Revolve, SavageXFenty, Oh Polly Swim, and more.

She's a Successful YouTuber

Karanikolaou has over 555,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and averages around 400,000 views on each video, which is no small thing. Her videos range from Q&As with Jenner and other pals to house tours, cooking videos, and more.

She's a Good American Brand Ambassador & Model

Karanikolaou scored a spot as a model for Khloé Kardashian's denim brand and is often featured on the Good American website rocking the clothing. In a profile for the clothing brand, Karanikolaou detailed her plans for the future:

"In 5 years I'd like to see myself more prominent in the fashion and beauty world," she said. "I would love to do a lot more modeling and many more different campaigns. But most importantly I would love to help change the world we live in. I think we need a serious change for the better and I would love to be a part of a revolution that will accomplish that."

You can catch Karanikolaou in Good American's Season 2 campaign behind-the-scenes video below:

She's a Socialite

In Karanikolaou's Good American interview, she opened up about how much it's meant to her to score invites to some of the biggest events in the world. "The highlights of my career so far would be being invited and able to sit at amazing shows during fashion week and obviously shooting with Good American," she shared.

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