Starbucks' New Valentine's Day Drink Tastes Like Candy & I'm In Love With It

Lizzy Rosenberg

Out of hundreds of independently owned coffee shops in my Brooklyn neighborhood, I can still loudly and proudly admit that I'm a total sucker for seasonal Starbucks drinks. There, Brooklyn hipsters, I admitted it. From PSLs around Halloween, to Gingerbread Lattes at Christmas, I sincerely wait year-freaking-round for these festive beverages to come my way. And fortunately, I was finally able to give Starbucks' newest holiday creation a try, just in time for Valentine's Day. Since you're probably wondering what Starbucks' Cherry Mocha tastes like, it's pretty much dessert in a cup. Like, you might seriously fall in love with it.

Luckily, I got to try the new drink. Upon receiving my long-awaited Cherry Mocha from the Starbucks barista (and caffeinated beverage goddess), my olfactory senses were dancing on tables. As someone who secretly hoards chocolate-covered cherries whenever given the chance, I began to realize that my love for this drink was real. When I opened the lid to catch a glimpse of this steamy prize, it looked like how I'd envision cherry-infused hot chocolate, if that even exists. At that moment, I realized that I found true love in my to-go cup.

Lizzy Rosenberg

There's always a happy ending to every love story, so I can imagine you're waiting on the edge of your seat to hear how this romantic tale played out. In terms of the juicy details, the Cherry Mocha tasted exactly how it looked, smelled, and sounded. Setting off fireworks in my mouth, like pillows of love (and also chocolate-covered cherries), there was no doubt in my mind that it was definitely my new fave choice of seasonal beverages, (sorry Eggnog Latte... you're a close second).

Even though the Cherry Mocha is truly like drinking dessert for breakfast, (or whenever your coffee break may be), it manages to maintain somewhat of a natural fruity taste, while evoking the flavors of chocolatey mocha. I may be bias since Harry & David chocolate-covered cherries will forever be my weakness, but I won't lie, it's tasty AF. The Cherry Mocha really is the bae that you need this Valentine's Day — it'll always be sweet, keep you warm warm, and stay by your side... all in a tall-sized to-go cup. Amen.

Lizzy Rosenberg

Whip on top is a never-fail option recommended for most Starbies treats, and although I didn't add any to mine, it's highly recommended. But if you do decide to keep the whip for a little extra sass and a lot of extra creaminess, I'm positive you won't be disappointed. And, side note: Whipped cream on top of pretty anything looks great for the 'gram, because #foodporn.

The only downside of the Cherry Mocha (which still isn't enough to tear our love apart, in all honesty), is that it might not wake you up quite like a regular cup of Starbucks coffee. One tall Cherry Mocha beverage, according to the Starbucks website, has only 95mg of caffeine, in comparison to a tall cup of Pike Place Roast, which has an impressive 235mg of caffeine. So if you're really looking to wake yourself up right before school or work, it might not be the right option. But it's definitely the right option if you're looking for a sweet, steamy little treat to make you feel like a few million bucks. I say go for it.

Nobody is too good or above waiting in line for Starbucks' seasonal drinks, not even Brooklyn coffee drinkers like myself. So whether you decide to spend your V-Day with your human bae, or alongside a sweet little cup of Cherry Mocha, there's really no going wrong with ordering one of these ASAP.

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