Oreo's Mystery Flavor Is Here And Everyone's Coming To The Same Conclusion About Its Taste

I don't know about you, but once those temps' take their permanent dip down the thermometer in fall, I am all about the comfort food. Now, most people will think of warm, gooey mac and cheese or chicken and dumpling soup that's simmered all day in a crockpot when they think of comfort food (I think of those, too) — but I also crave sweets, like... hard. Thankfully, Oreo has never let me down when it comes to a good sugar fix, and now, the brand is putting a twist on the way Oreo loyalists can enjoy the iconic sandwich cookie. You can now get your hands on a package of the new "Mystery" Oreos and answer the question: What does Oreo's mystery flavor taste like?

According to Foodbeast, the mystery flavor is unmistakably familiar to that of your favorite fruity old-school cereal — the kind you'd inhale bowls of while watching Saturday morning cartoons. The foodie website reports that they received a delivery of the mystery flavor cookies to their office, and they were able to give it a taste to see if they could crack the case. First, they had to retrieve the cookies from the padlocked box that Oreo sent (man, Oreo really means business).

According to Foodbeast, the aroma of a "tropical scent" instantly hit their noses. The look of the cookie was no help at all since it looks exactly like a classic Oreo — white creme between two chocolate cookies. Once they finally bit into the cookie, there was a "fruity, processed" taste, and everyone's third-grade lightbulbs went off as they all guessed the flavor was Froot Loops.

Foodbeast wrote that they're open to the fact that the could be, "completely wrong, but we swear that this Mystery Oreo tastes like Froot Loops in cookie form."

If you'd like more evidence with your fruity-flavored Oreo claims, then let's turn to Delish. The food-centric website also received a delivery of a locked-down Oreo package with the mystery flavor inside. Once again, it was the scent that set them off. Delish wrote that one editor said, "It smells very fruity — like the Axe body spray or Fruity Pebbles kind of fruity" — I'll just let you know right now that there is no mention of the Axe body spray in the taste portion. Moving on.

Now, Delish didn't go exactly the same route as Foodbeast, as they landed on Fruity Pebbles as the mystery flavor, but be it Pebbles or Loops, both likened the flavor to an artificially-flavored fruit cereal.

Delish even went one step further to back up their claim of Fruity Pebbles. They wrote that Oreo had already released a limited edition cookie that was Fruity Crisp flavored, so they probably have the recipe down pat.

Some good news if you're a fan of the creme filling is that Delish reports the cookies appear to be double-stuffed.

Even more good news: If you're a fan of cookies and winning free cash, there is a contest to guess the mystery Oreo flavor for a chance to win $50,000. According to Foodbeast, you can pick up a package of mystery Oreos and conduct your own taste test beginning Monday, Oct. 9. Once you're sure that you've figured out what the mystery flavor is, you can enter the Oreo Mystery Flavor Sweepstakes.

If you're taste buds don't fail you and you guess the correct flavor, you will be entered into the sweepstakes to possibly win $50,000. Um, the satisfaction of knowing that you're right and some fresh money? Sign me up.

So, stock up on milk this weekend, because you've got some Oreo taste-testing to do this week. Happy dunking!

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