20 Fun & Functional Dorm Essentials To Make Your Room The Hangout Room

by Alexa Mellardo
Originally Published: 

Whether you're taking a cat nap in your dorm, doing homework in your favorite study nook, walking to class with your crush, or chilling in the quad with your besties, you want to be prepared to crush #collegelife. Getting back into the swing of a new semester is obviously always a little stressful, and that's why we want to make the process as quick, painless, and cute as possible.

That's why we here at Elite Daily have put together the perfect roundup of back-to-school products you need to add to your online shopping cart ASAP — from stylish storage options to we-promise-you-can't-kill-these succulents. This is the kind of stuff that makes your dorm room *the* dorm room everyone wants to hang in.

College is about meeting new people, making new memories, spreading your wings, embracing your dreams, and working your butt off... so don't spend the summer fretting over all the things you still have to buy (and all the stuff you don't even know you have to buy yet), this list has everything you need to kick off your fall 2019 semester.

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