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Stuff That Makes You Want To Study

Stuff To Instagram To Show Off Your #NewLife

PureBoost Go


Is it really fall fashion if you don't show it off on the 'gram? Embrace the new season in the all new adidas PureBoost Go. It's designed with an extra stable platform and a super cushy BOOST™ midsole to make your next walk or run around campus the most comfortable (and most instagrammable) one yet.

Dormify Black Giant Chalkboard Decal


You're definitely going to want to remember meetings, class schedules, and more, but how about also using this chalkboard block for your favorite quotes or sayings? It's a fun way to dress up your blank walls if posters aren't really your thing.

Dormify Hangit Photo Display


This display is great for showing off pictures of friends from home and eventually, snaps from your new college life. The string display also lets you showcase important postcards or prints so visitors can get an instant sense of your personality. Plus, it's an easy way to add some personality to your small dorm space.

All Posters Beyoncé Poster


Honestly, college is the only time you can display frameless posters on your walls without being judged, so I say, go forth and let your love of Beyoncé be known. Dress up your bare walls with posters featuring your favorite artists, movies, and more. They're great conversation starters for when new friends stop by for a visit. I mean, how cute is this throwback Beyoncé poster?!

Burnes Felt Letterboard


This letterboard is so cute and will let you display memories from home without overdoing it. The best part is that when you graduate, you can keep this with you and throw it in your kitchen for your grocery list or daily affirmations.

Stuff To Help You Navigate The Coed Bathroom

4-Count Appearus Spa Headband


Keep these headbands handy for when you're skipping the shower but just need to run to the bathroom for a quick face wash. Four headbands come in this pack, which makes it easy to keep a few in your room and even robe pocket for when you need to do your makeup or wash it off in a flash.

Quip Portable Electric Toothbrush


This toothbrush comes with a cover that makes it easy to throw in your shower caddy or set down on bathroom counters without worrying about germs. A Quip kit also comes with a few months' supply of toothpaste that will ship to you automatically when you're due to run out.

Target Women's Mid-Weight Robe


You probably don't want to walk around your dorm in the fluffy polka-dot robe you had in high school, so upgrade with this lightweight upgrade. Throw this on before you head to the shared bathroom in the morning instead of getting fully getting dressed, and keep it handy for the walk back to your room after a shower.

Hucook Foldable Shower Sandals


These shower slippers will lift you about an inch off the ground so you never have to worry about touching the bathroom floor. They also slip on and off easily, with holes that drain any extra water absorption.

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy


Listen, I headed off to college in New York from Texas with only two suitcases — and you better believe a shower caddy was packed. This is an absolute essential for freshman dorm bathrooms. I recommend getting one that's mesh and slouchy so you can easily drape it over the shower head. Water that gets in will leak out of the holes, and having everything at eye level will help you keep your stuff off the shower floor.

Stuff To Snuggle Up With When You're Homesick