Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Should Know About Colton's Hometown Visit

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Bachelor Colton Underwood brought the ladies to his hometown of Denver in Episode 7, and this meant that Bachelor Nation was due to meet Mama and Papa Underwood and perhaps understand more about how Colton ticks. The former NFL player took Hannah B. to meet his parents and stepparents, and although we briefly met the Underwoods during Colton's Bachelorette hometown date, Twitter became even more interested in them this time around. What do Colton's parents do? They work in insurance and real estate, but it looks like they maintain a full-time responsibility in supporting their son.

On Season 23 of The Bachelor, Colton has previously opened up about his parents' divorce and how they never explained why they made the decision. However, their appearances on the franchise have only proven that Donna and Scott Underwood are perfectly amicable with each other. They both appeared alongside their current spouses to meet Hannah and welcome Colton home, and the exes were quick to separate the duo for questioning. Colton's mother asked Hannah if she was ready for engagement (she's all game) and seemed a little concerned when the former Miss Alabama admitted that she didn't know how Colton felt about her.

On the other hand, Colton opened up to his dad about not falling for Hannah as quickly as she was for him. Mr. Underwood advised him to listen to his gut when it came to picking women for hometown dates, and as slightly ominous music began to play, Hannah told Donna that she was in love with Colton.

Welp, that quick visit at home was enough for Colton to figure out how he was feeling, because he let her go during the night portion of their date. Maybe his mom will send Hannah a fruit basket for consolation?

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Although their son has experienced the NFL and Bachelor Nation fame, Donna and Scott have led pretty typical lives. Both athlete graduates of Illinois State University, Donna and Scott seem to have been college sweethearts. Colton has said that his mom was only 24 years old when she gave birth to him, so it looks like she and Scott got married soon after their time at ISU. Donna includes her new married name on her Twitter account (essentially a fan page for Colton, which is cute), but she's listed as Donna Underwood on realtor.com.

While she's filed under Denver real estate, her ex-husband Scott is a State Farm insurance agent in Aurora, Colorado. In the past, Scott also remodeled an Illinois bar and grill with Colton, who ran the restaurant until he sold it to his aunt and uncle in April 2018.

ABC/Josh Vertucci

Given Colton's history in the NFL, Scott and Donna were probably used to an element of fame and scrutiny affecting his life before The Bachelor came along. Despite his past experience in the public eye, Colton's parents were still worried about him headlining the franchise. At the start of his season, he told Us Weekly:

They were a little skeptical, but I think they saw how good it was for me coming off of [Paradise], sort of how I reacted and how I felt. So they’re so excited right now, and I know my dad and my mom are looking forward to having a new daughter-in-law ... They are so happy and in love, in a new part of their life. They’re both remarried. So it’s so cool to see how they’ve dealt with that adversity and how they moved on, but they still remain friends.

Colton's reaching the hardest part of his Bachelor journey, but it looks like his parents have his back if trouble strikes. Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.