Finn and Poe in Rise of Skywalker

J.J. Abrams Revealed What Finn Tried To Tell Rey In ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ & It’s Major

by Ani Bundel

Star Wars is considered to be a serious space drama. It's an action-adventure science-fiction tale, where the fight between the Dark and Light Sides of the Force reign supreme. But every single Star Wars film also has a comedy aspect to it. From C-3PO to Porgs, there's always at least one adorable comic relief character running around to give audiences a laugh. There are also running gags, such as Finn's constantly interrupted conversation with Rey. So what did Finn want to tell Rey in Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker?

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker follow.

The thing about Finn and Rey's never-managed conversation is that when the film introduces it, it feels like a serious moment. Finn has something to tell Rey. It's something she should know, in case they don't survive. It actually feels like it could be something out of a romance: Is Finn trying to say "I love you"?

But then it never happens. Every time Finn's about to try and initiate the conversation, someone interrupts. By the time Poe turns it into a full-blown joke, elbowing Finn about it, it's clearly become a gag. Whatever Finn wants to say, he's not actually going to be allowed to do it.

But was there something for Finn to say that the production decided on? Or is this like Tyrion's jokes in Game of Thrones, where no one actually wrote a punchline?

According to CinemaBlend, J.J. Abrams admitted there was a conversation where the production decided on what Finn wanted to say. At the Q&A screening at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Twitter user Kaila Ren revealed Abrams' idea for Finn's message: He was going to tell Rey that he was Force-sensitive.

At least, that's Abrams' version of what he thought Finn was going to say.

Actor John Boyega, who plays Finn on-screen, had a different idea. Or at least an idea of what his character definitely wasn't going to say.

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there's been a subset of the fandom hoping for a romance between Rey and Finn. For them, this answer will be controversial, to say the least. But then again, Finn has been romantically linked to a variety of characters by fans over the trilogy. He's been linked to everyone from Rey, Poe, Rose, and now Jannah. With that kind of track record, no one would be wrong to assume Finn is just a galaxy-level player.

But some fans are willing to go down with the Finn and Rey ship.

It just seems that Boyega won't be coming along for the ride.