Instagram's Explore Page Now Has Topic Channels, So Browse Away


It is way too easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is Instagram's Explore page. If you've ever spent any amount of time using the app, you know that's basically a cold, hard fact. There is no shortage of engaging and interesting content to consume, and now Instagram is making it easier than ever for users to navigate around the page with the launch of Topic Channels. Before you begin browsing away on the app, you are probably wondering, "What are Topic Channels on Instagram's Explore page?" Let's delve into this together.

Instagram's Topic Channels are a whole new way to discover the things you are into, and it is all thanks to a fancy new feature that's tailored to your interests. I know that I can get lost for hours scrolling through pictures and watching videos — and, chances are, I'm not alone. To help streamline content and the user experience, Instagram is launching Topic Channels. The new feature is available on iOS and Android platforms as of Tuesday, June 26, so start browsing. Topic Channels put you in control of your Explore page by providing content from accounts similar to those that you interact with.


When you open the Instagram app, navigate to the Explore page, and you will find several personalized channels at the top. They will include topics like Art, Sports, Beauty, and Fashion. This even includes a channel titled "For You," which is home to variety of posts catered to your interests. Now, no longer do you have to go randomly scrolling through your Explore page hoping to come across something you're keen on. Instagram is doing all of the hard work for you thanks to the addition of personalized Topic Channels.

That's not all Topic Channels has to offer. If you're searching for your next outfit or travel destination, check out the list of hashtags also available on Instagram's Explore page. You can sift through relevant content to plan your next big trip or even cook up your next Insta-worthy meal. Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention that you can flip through different subject matters by swiping from grid to grid. Want to immerse yourself in a specific topic? Tap on the channel and scroll up to learn more. Instagram's Explore page is your oyster. I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling inspired.


If you're not feeling a certain Topic Channel, you can press and hold on the channel to mute it. Don't worry, it hasn't disappeared forever. Kind of like Instagram Stories, the channel gets sent to the end of the line up where it can be unmuted at any time.

Instagram is rolling out Topic Channels on Tuesday, June 26, to all iOS and Android users. If you don't see the new feature in your account just yet, check to see if you are running the most recent version of Instagram. If it's been a while since you last updated your app, head on over to the App Store for your phone and download the latest rendition. If you still don't see the update, be patient. While Topic Channels are available now, sometimes these updates take time to reach every account. Rest assured, you will be able to browse to your heart's content in no time.

There's no doubt about it: Instagram's Explore page has always been one of my favorite ways to pass the time. It doesn't appear I'll be cutting back anytime soon, either. I'm not mad about it one bit, though. Instagram is organizing content like nobody's business, and I'm here for it.