Tinder Now Lets You "React" To Messages With Animations In Case You Just Don't Know WTF To Say

by Candice Jalili
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Dating apps can be confusing and exhausting for multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons, as far as I'm concerned, is the fact that you're constantly having to think of new things to say. I mean, how can anyone be that clever and witty all the time?! HOW are you supposed to constantly come up with the *perfect* responses to whatever these random strangers are saying?! Well, luckily for all of its users, Tinder has a new feature that should help ease the pressure. Tinder released Tinder Reactions today, and they are the new answer to every "WTF should I say to this?" text you send to your BFF, along with a screenshot of the weird thing some guy on Tinder just sent you.

Basically, Tinder reactions are like little stickers you can send to your matches, in lieu of actual words. (Because who has time for words anymore, amiright??) They're kind of like Bitmojis, but a little less personal, because why should this random stranger you don't even want to waste your WORDS on deserve a personalized Bitmoji?! Anyway, if you really like someone on Tinder, you can even use the reactions to HIGHLIGHT your words. Ah, what fun!

All right, now, let me show you some of them and give you a little rundown of exactly how I would use them.

You could use the "NOPE!" reaction for when you get a 2 a.m. "u up?" text.


Next time that douchey guy with a bathroom mirror selfie as his profile pic decides to grace you with a 2 a.m. "u up?" don't even bother wasting any precious finger energy typing a response. Just hit him with the "NOPE!" reaction and call it a day.

You could use the "Strike!" reaction for when your match is treading on very thin ice.


This one's fun because you can number the strikes. So, like, if the guy sent you a 2 a.m. "u up?" text, and you still want to give him a chance, instead of explaining your whole thought process, you can just quickly send him a "Strike 1!" reaction. Then, if he says something insulting, you hit him with a "Strike 2!" And if he follows it up with a dick pic? BOOM, "Strike 3!" He's out. No need for further explanation.

You could use the "really...?!" reaction for when they say something ridiculous.


Let's say the two of you are having a perfectly normal conversation when they suddenly ask you about your ex, OR they bring up how much money they make, OR they ask if you think the two of you are gonna bone on your first official date. Whatever weird thing they say, don't bother with a real response. Just hit them with a "really...?!" and force them to do some real reflecting on their actions.

You could use the crying laughter reaction for when they're being absolutely hilarious.


This isn't just any crying laughing emoji. No, it's a crying laughing emoji that will legit fill your match's entire screen with crying laughing emojis. So, as far as I'm concerned, this reaction is a big deal that should only be reserved for two special circumstances. The first of which is when they're actually being HILARIOUS. If you're actually LOL-ing IRL, let them know by sending this reaction. The second is if you need to take their ego down a little. If they're bragging about themselves too much, send this reaction along as a lighthearted way to humble them a little.

You could use the "UGH" reaction for when they won't stop making fun of you.


So you've matched with that person on Tinder — the one whose only means of flirting are to make fun of you in a flirty way. You don't want to be into it, but alas, you are. But after a while, there's only so much you can say to a person who's consistently sending you messages like "u suck" and "ur weird" in a joking way, so just hit them with a flirtatiously sassy "UGH" reaction.

You could use the martini glass for when you want to go out for drinks.


So it's finally come down to the moment of truth. They ask you what you want to do for your first official date night! You could just type "let's do drinks," OR you could save some time and just send them the martini glass reaction and let them figure it out.

And just a heads up: Only girls will have access to ALLLLLL of the Tinder reactions. Sorry, boys. But don't get too sad. Guys will still be able to access the basic ones.

All right, now that you're a pro at using these reactions, log on to Tinder and start putting them to work!

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