Wendy's New Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Fries Are The Ultimate Spicy Snack

Courtesy Of Wendy's

Your Wendy's order is about to turn up the heat a few notches. While the majority of Wendy's menu items tend to be on the mild side, the Ohio-based chain praised for its signature square burgers has released two new items which are bound to set your soul (and your mouth) on fire. So if you think you can handle it, definitely make a point to try Wendy's new Bacon Jalapeño Fries and Cheeseburger at some point soon. But be warned — these definitely are not for the faint of heart.

Both of Wendy's newBacon Jalapeño menu items were announced at the end of July, and they're about to set mouths across the country ablaze. According to Wendy's, the Bacon Jalapeño Fries contain a hearty base of the chain's natural cut, sea salt-dusted taters, according to the brand. They are generously topped off with Applewood smoked bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapeños, warm, gooey cheddar cheese sauce, and — most importantly — a smoky, spicy jalapeño sauce. While prices vary by location, an order will cost you around $2.69, and they're seriously perfect as a shared snack, or all by themselves. Per the brand, the spicy fries will only be available for a limited time, so you should snack on them ASAP.

Courtesy Of Wendy's

The Bacon Jalapeño Cheeseburger, on the other hand, makes for the perfect midday meal or midnight sandwich. Like all of Wendy's burgers, according to the brand, each sammie is made with fresh beef. It's topped off with more of that hearty Applewood smoked bacon, a little American cheese, some crunchy fried onions, pickled jalapeños, a warm, savory cheddar cheese sauce, and — last but not least — the signature smoky jalapeño sauce for an extra kick. And even though the price will also vary by location, you can expect to pay $5.29 per sandwich. This bite is part of the Made to Crave line, per the brand, so it will be around as long as fans keep it!

If you're a dedicated fan of the fast food chain, you've most likely noticed that Wendy's has been on a massive bacon kick lately. In July, Wendy's kicked off a weeklong event known as Baconfest, alongside online delivery service Doordash. Hungry, bacon-obsessed fans of the chain were able to take advantage of a wide range of tasty deals with the delivery service. Even though those specials ended, fans can still score discounted Baconfest bites with deals in the Wendy's app, according to the chain. You can get:

  • A free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase with the Wendy's mobile app.
  • A free order of Baconator Fries with any mobile order in the Wendy's app.
  • Two for $12 Son of a Baconator Small Combos by using the offer in-restaurant or with the mobile app.
  • $2 off any-size Baconator Combo in-restaurant or in the mobile app.

Whether you're a hardcore fan of bacon, spice, or both, there is seriously no denying that both of Wendy's Bacon Jalapeño menu items are definitely bound to satisfy any and all cravings. Choosing between one or the other will be nearly impossible, however, so you'd best believe I'll be living my best life and ordering both this weekend. Just make sure you have some ice cold water nearby — these hot new items are quite literally fire.