We Bet You've Never Heard Of These 44 Odd But Brilliant Products On Amazon

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The editors and writers of the Elite Daily commerce team have seen it all. As a curator of all things Amazon, I've scoured through thousands of products — cough the Tubshroom cough — but sometimes even I'm surprised by brilliant products on Amazon. And I'm pretty sure you haven't seen these, either. But I know what you're thinking: Never heard of? Preposterous! I have clicked through every single Amazon slideshow, scrolled down each listicle, and can now confidently say that I have seen it all. What other odd and brilliant Amazon products could there possibly be?

Well, get ready to be surprised, amazed, and shocked, because I've truly pulled out all the stops for this slideshow. From a hydrating sheet mask that lathers up with rich, luxurious bubbles to detoxify clogged pores to a flexible mat that's designed to keep your dishes from flipping over in the dishwasher, there are still tons of weird products on Amazon that are wildly popular. Besides, who can resist a fun party game called CoolCats and AssHats? With a name like that it's practically begging to be the main feature at your next game night!

Here, click through Amazon's most obscure — yet totally amazing — products.

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