This 'Us' Theory About Jason Changes Everything You Thought You Knew About The Movie


If you've seen Us, then you're probably still turning over all of the details and questions in your head. Jordan Peele's new horror movie introduces a complex mystery that stays with you long after you leave the movie theater, and fans have already come up with a bunch of theories to fully explain what was going on. One of the latest theories to gain traction adds an entirely new twist to Us' twist ending: Was Jason a Tethered in Us? Let's go over all the points that make this mind-blowing theory feel very convincing.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Us, so don't read on until you have seen the movie. In the chilling final scene of Us, Adelaide flashes a smile at her son Jason as flashbacks reveal that the woman we thought was Adelaide was really her Tethered counterpart Red all along, after Red switched places with her when the two first met as young girls. In response to the smile, Jason pulls down the mask he constantly wears, and the Wilson family drives off.

Some fans think that scene revealed not one secret Tethered, but two. Was Jason pulling down his mask actually a secret message to his mom that they both know they are Tethereds, and have to keep their true identity hidden from now on? When you look back on how Jason has been acting throughout the movie, this reading actually could add up.

The theory goes that Jason and his Tethered counterpart Pluto somehow switched with one another similarly to how Adelaide and Red switched some time before the present-day events of Us. Fans of the theory point out seemingly telling signs, like how Jason is drawn to hiding out in the dark closet when he plays (similar to the underground lab he may have been raised in), or how he digs sand tunnels at the beach rather than sand castles. He is also shown holding a rabbit at the end of the movie, which is the animal associated with the Tethered.

People also pointed out the similarities between Jason and how Red acted as a girl right after she switched places with Adelaide. While Red was encouraged to dance to express herself before learning to speak, Jason is shown to love drawing. His drawing of the dead man with the Jeremiah 11:11 sign also seems to show he may know more about the Tethered than he is willing to admit.

There has also been a lot of talk about the connection between Pluto's burned face and Jason's fiery magic trick. Fans of the Jason-is-Tethered theory propose that Jason never actually forgot how to perform his magic trick, but rather this new Tethered person has simply never done the trick before and is learning it from scratch. In fact, the original Jason may have performed the trick so well that he actually wound up burning off half his face before Pluto swapped with him. Another particularly grim theory guesses that every time Jason tries and fails at the trick, Pluto mirrors his actions and succeeds, which burns his face more and more.

Finally, there is also a sense throughout the film that Adelaide and Jason share a special connection beyond the rest of the Wilson family — she has him snap along with her in the car, they share a moment while leaving the Tylers, and she always prioritizes him over anyone else. It all seems to point to the possibility that Red knew Jason was really her son Pluto all along.

Of course, it is impossible to confirm a theory like this, but it is definitely something Us fans should look out for when they rewatch the movie again.