This Dating App Only Shows Photos After You Start A Conversation & It's Fascinating

by Candice Jalili
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It seems like every day there's a new dating app out there for us to choose from. While they all share the goal of introducing you to awesome new people, they're each a little different when it comes to how you connect with others. New dating app Vyve emphasizes users' personalities above all else — it's ideal if you want to get to know someone well and don't think dating should necessarily revolve around looks.

Now, don't get me wrong. I, personally, am a huge fan of the way traditional dating apps work. I think swiping right on someone based on their looks isn't much different from walking up to someone at a bar because you were attracted to them and there's something awesome about simulating that dating experience on our phone screens. That being said, I can sympathize with the urge to know that someone likes you for more than just your looks. Vyve manages to do just that. Here's how.

Basically, when you log onto Vyve, you're presented with a series of ice-breaker questions to match with up to 5 matches. They give you a limited number of matches to ensure more meaningful conversations and really force you to consider each option. And the people you are matching with aren’t random either. They're people the app's algorithm has decided you would click with based on your respective answers to different ice-breaker questions.

Now, here's the catch: Your matches' photos are blurred. The only way to see who your matches are is to have a conversation. Once you choose someone from your "five" that you'd like to get to know better, you can click on their profile and get to chatting in order to get to know them better (or let them chat you up first, if that's more your style).


If you're worried about how to start the convo, don't worry. They already have the ice breaker question there to begin your interaction and kickstart a meaningful connection.


From there, you can dive right into a conversation.


As you continue to chat more with your match, you'll slowly start seeing more of their profile.


The process of slowly showing you more of your match's profile is to give you time to get to know the person before you make any snap judgments based on their appearance. You know how sometimes you can be friends with someone for awhile, and then suddenly, a lightbulb goes off and it's like, Oh, I LIKE this person? Vyve mimics that sensation.

Finally, once the two of you have gotten to know each other well enough, the app gives you full access to the person's profile and allows you to decide whether or not you're still interested.


And not just anyone can get on the app, either. "We take pride in building a strong community of individuals that want to take dating seriously and attempt to make real connections with others," a representative of the app explains to Elite Daily. "We review each application and ensure that every new member makes our community stronger. This process also helps regular people who may not have professional air-brushed photos, but who have interesting lives and something unique about them - besides their shirtless bathroom selfie. The goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our users– so this process also helps verify the identity of each person we are matching."

So, if you've been on the market for a dating app that really forces you to get to know the person before making any sort of judgment call, Vyve may just be the app for you!

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