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This Company Will Give You $6K To Plan & Capture Your Trip To Maui

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You may have studied abroad in college or gone on trips with your best friends to bucket list-worthy destinations. In your travel diaries, you might've documented a particularly dreamy day on-the-go, filled with sunshine, laughter, and good vibes. But do you know what's serious #TravelGoals? Vivint Solar's "Eco-Adventure Challenge" in Hawaii. It'll actually pay you to plan and capture your journey.

If you win, you could be on a plane to the beautiful island of Maui with your suitcase, a digital camera, and an adventurous spirit in tow. You could relax on the beach, all while thinking about how other travelers can enjoy this part of the world and dreaming up Instagram pics to take with the green mountains and vegan-friendly eateries. All you need to do is send in an application, in addition to having a passion for the environment, and protecting, loving, and nurturing it while you see the world.

According to a recent press release from Vivint Solar, a prominent full-service residential solar provider in the U.S., the company wants to showcase that travelers can experience a new destination to the fullest and be kind to the Earth at the same time. According to the official blog post on their website, they want one person to go on eco-friendly adventures in the area, and capture the activities that "respect and celebrate authentic Hawaiian culture." This may include dining at farm-to-table restaurants or hiking the trails lined with lush foliage. If you're picked, it's up to you to decide and build an itinerary for future travelers to follow.

The type of candidate they're looking for, according to Vivint Solar's blog post, is someone who can recreate their experience in photos, videos, words, or other captivating ways for another traveler. They have a basic understanding of how to be "green" when traveling, and an interest in finding other ways to be kind to the Earth during surfing classes and mornings laying in the sun. In addition, they're active on social media, and are eligible to work in the U.S.

Does this sound like you? If so, head over the Vivint Solar site to send in your application. You'll need to answer some questions, like how old you are (You must be 18 years or older to apply.) and what ideas you have for documenting the trip and coming up with an environmentally-conscious itinerary while you're in Maui. For bonus points, you can also add a video to your application, telling the committee why they should choose you. Applications are open through Nov. 18, 2019.


The trip will take place this winter, after the committee decides on their traveler, which is perfect timing if you want to escape the snow. If you're the chosen one, you will receive $4,000 to plan and book the most eco-friendly trip you can to Maui, including transportation, accommodation, and entertainment for a full week. In addition, you'll receive $2,000 for the passion, effort, and time you put into this. Can you think of anything greater? I certainly can't.

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