This Twitter Thread About A Girl Rescuing Her Dropped Phone Is So, So Relatable

by Collette Reitz

If you're prone to sleeping with your phone right next to your pillow, then you're probably familiar with the great iPhone bed search every morning. You're also likely to be familiar with that sinking feeling when it takes just a second to two longer than normal to recover it from the grip of your bedsheets. Now, take that feeling and add an accidental phone drop from a balcony. Yeah, no fun. That's why the internet is totally relating to this viral Twitter thread about a girl rescuing her dropped phone.

A lot of people spent Oct. 3 posting Mean Girls quotes and swooning over Aaron Samuels because "On October 3, he asked me what day it was." If you were one of those people, then count yourself lucky, because Toronto-based Twitter user Liz Bertorelli spent Mean Girls Day desperately trying to retrieve her phone from her neighbor's balcony. Bertorelli took to Twitter to document the ordeal, and people really became invested in the situation.

According to Bertorelli's Twitter account, the drop happened in the evening hours of Oct. 3. You guys, the phone also happened to land with the screen facing up, further torturing Bertorelli as she could see notifications roll in without being able to do anything about it — that's more terrifying than Pennywise the clown luring you into a gutter.

If you're wondering how she was able to chronicle the saga with her beloved phone chilling on her neighbor's balcony, Bertorelli tells Elite Daily she did the live-tweeting from her computer and took the pictures with "A REAL CAMERA" — old school technology for the win.

Bertorelli borrowed a pal's phone to record an Instagram Live video to explain how the fall happened. According to the video, Bertorelli had some friends over for dinner, and as does happen when with good pals, some wine started flowing (although she does not blame the wine). After everyone left, Bertorelli was diligently completing her host duties by cleaning up. She innocently stood up from a stool on the balcony, and her phone slipped right out of her back pocket and through a tiny opening on her balcony.

After knocking the neighbor's door with no response, she took to sending down a note the next morning. Luckily the note landed right on the table, and all hope was not lost.

That is, until the elements got involved. Mother Nature must be a Samsung loyalist because the wind blew the note off the table, and there was a good chance for rain during the day.

Twitter had some suggestions.

Bertorelli had a Swiffer and duct tape.

It didn't work, and Bertorelli had to leave — without her phone.

She did provide it sustenance, though.

The phone survived the rain, but was still stuck on the balcony with no response from the balcony owners.

Back to the rescue mission.

Prosecco is always there for you — even if your phone is not.

The drinking did not prevent her from being a caring iPhone owner.

She took to Instagram Live to detail the story to her now extremely invested followers, and then it was time to call it a night.

As of this morning, Bertorelli was still without her beloved phone, but her persistence was still going strong. She did a second round of notes after informing Twitter that she regretted buying a unit in the building "because apparently no one can help."

Their advice was to "keep knocking."

"LOL" forever at that one.

I know you're probably wanting a happy update, but Bertorelli's last tweet is not about recovering her sweet, sweet iPhone.

Her resolve is strong, though, so here's to hoping that Bertorelli can have the iPhone reunion that the entirety of Twitter is waiting for.