Try Not To Melt Over This 4-Year-Old Girl Who's Way Better At CrossFit Than You'll Ever Be

by Georgina Berbari

If you think back to when you were 4 years old, I'm sure a slew of carefree memories of simpler times probably come to mind first. But I'm willing to bet that one of those nostalgic recollections does not involve the word "CrossFit" in any context whatsoever (just a hunch). That's just one of many reasons why these videos of 4-year-old Prisais Townsend doing CrossFit will absolutely blow your mind, low-key make you reconsider your own mediocre childhood hobbies, and possibly make you feel aggressively out of shape.

Prisais — aka @princess_p_freya_doll on Instagram — is a sweet and spunky toddler from Southern California who is literally a fitness queen. Scrolling through her page is guaranteed to warm your heart while simultaneously leaving you in absolute awe. Plus, she's basically the best reminder ever that women and girls are incredibly badass humans at any age, size, or stage in life.

According to Cosmopolitan, Prisais began crawling at about 3 months old, and walking on her own two feet a few months or so after that — way before typical babies.

And she casually decided to wow the world with her kickass athleticism by achieving her goal of performing 10 pull-ups in a row.

I mean, at 21 years old, I personally struggle to do a mere single pull-up without, like, crying. But Prisais DGAF — she shows everyone how it's done by cranking out 10 with ease. Just wondering, is it possible to hire a toddler to be my personal trainer? I'm asking for a friend, obvs.

And if you're already impressed as all hell, you might want to check yourself, because Prisais doesn't stop there.

From push-ups to burpees, box jumps, and handstand push-ups, this 4-year-old girl's Instagram (which is run by her parents) is loaded with videos of her doing all the moves that professional CrossFitters spend years perfecting.

Check her out clearing a 22-inch box jump like it's nobody's business — CrossFit enthusiasts, take note.

And if you want your heart to literally melt into a puddle of unbearable cuteness, here's Prisais doing her first box jump at 1 year old.

Oh, and she can do handstands — NBD, NBD at all.

I. Am. Weak.

Also, how freaking cute is her dad's reaction? James Townsend is a CrossFit gym owner, certified personal trainer, and the very proud father of little Prisais. According to Cosmopolitan, he's never pressured Prisais to workout in any way, explaining that his daughter empowers herself out of her own pure joy and love for fitness.

Guys, if this family isn't #goals AF, I don't know what is. Prisais' passion alone can inspire loads of people to approach the challenging world of CrossFit. Personally, I've always been super intimidated by the mere thought of attempting the program myself, but I mean, if a 4-year-old girl can do it — with a contagiously happy, radiating smile on her face the whole time — why can't I?

So, if you're also intimidated by the somewhat cult-like culture of CrossFit, I highly encourage you to first browse through Prisais' Instagram to get you feeling motivated AF.

But the next step is to totally forget about all of the stereotypes that might come to mind while you're psyching yourself out about this fitness program.

I know for many of you, the mere thought of CrossFit probably conjures up images of abandoned old gyms, filled with stacks of aggressively heavy weights being picked up and pushed around by intimidatingly large, ripped athletes, yelling and grunting their hearts out.

But the real atmosphere is actually far from it. According to the Daily Burn, many CrossFit classes are taken and run by women just like you and me, all of whom are simply looking for a challenge to amp up their workouts and take the #gains to the next level.

So, ditch the judgments you may have formed of a typical CrossFit experience, and take a look at Prisais' inspirational fitness journey if you're considering taking up a new kind of sweat sesh.