Veronica & Jughead Had A Steamy Make-Out Sesh On 'Riverdale,' But It's Not What You Think


For nearly two seasons, Riverdale fans have been arguing over their favorite relationships on the show, and now the series is throwing another ship into the ring. We have already seen Betty and Archie get together, and Betty and Jughead, and also Veronica and Archie... and now Riverdale is finally completing the core four's love square with a hook-up scene between Veronica and Jughead. Yep — you heard that right: Veronica and Jughead kissed on Riverdale's latest episode, but it probably won't be putting an end to the current Bughead and Varchie relationships. Spoiler alert: Don't read on until you have watched Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 "The Hills Have Eyes" for yourself.

In what is very likely the horniest Riverdale episode to date (and that's saying something), the core four spent a weekend away at Veronica Lodge's... well... lodge, and pretty much just hooked up the entire time. I guess that is just bound to happen when you give four hot teens their own cabin, but the real surprise came in who was hooking up with whom. Namely, a steamy make-out session between Veronica and Jughead in the hot tub. It's just too bad none of their ship names really sounds all that great. Vughead? Jeronica?


But just because they made out, don't expect Veronica and Jughead to actually become a thing. The kiss was actually meant only as a means of getting back at Archie and Betty for kissing back when that Black Hood drama was going down. Right when the four arrived at the Lodges' cabin, Cheryl Blossom called up Jughead and revealed to him that she saw Betty and Archie kiss a few months ago. Awkwardly, everyone else in the cabin already knew about this — Archie told Veronica about it a while back and they worked through it already — but now that Jughead has found out, it's all out in the open.

That's when Veronica comes up with a plan to try to get everyone to move on from the Barchie kiss, and proposes that she and Jughead make out to level the playing field. Yes, it's petty and totally motivated by revenge, but hey, the more drama the better! It all leads to a very awkward scene where Betty and Archie are just sitting in a hot tub watching their boyfriend and girlfriend make out with one another.

Since the kiss was purely a revenge tactic, it seems pretty clear that Veronica and Jughead won't actually be pursuing a relationship together... at least not yet. In fact, the kiss seems to light a fire in Betty and Jughead's relationship, as Betty brings it up in some bedroom talk before the two go at it. She also brought back her "dark Betty" black wig for the first time this season. The last time we saw that wig, Betty was torturing Chuck, but this time it's less dangerous, and being used for some role playing with Jughead.


Betty also pointed out that since Veronica and Jughead have made out now, the only two people who haven't hooked up in their foursome are Jughead and Archie, revealing that she and Veronica kissed during their cheerleading tryouts way back when Veronica first moved to Riverdale. Not gonna lie... there was a moment later in the episode when Archie and Jughead were alone in the woods talking about all the hooking up going on that it really did seem like they were just going to be like, "Should we just kiss, too, bro?" But alas, the core four isn't completely incestuous just yet. At the rate everyone on this show is hooking up with one another, though... it feels like it's only a matter of time.