Unicorn Tears Rosé Is Coming To Add So Much Magic To Your New Year

Do you remember when "unicorn food" was popular? Yes, I'm talking about those rainbow snacks and sparkling sips that everyone posted about for a solid year or two. Well, it looks like the magical trend is coming back in 2019 — because Unicorn Tears rosé wine by Gik Live! is an actual drink. What's that, you ask? Oh, it's only wine "made with unicorn tears." (Seriously, that's how the company describes it.) So, if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to pour yourself a glass of real magic, read on for details.

Let's get back to the whole "made with real unicorns" thing. I wasn't kidding when I said that, because that's exactly how Gik Live! described its beverage. On the bottle's product page, the company wrote that it's "made with real unicorn tears in an undisclosed location." (If you know where unicorns hang out on the reg, then you might know where the wine is made.) In all seriousness, though, the rosé was created in Navarra, Spain by a husband and wife duo — so you can thank them for the magical drink.

I mean, let's face it: Based off the wine's pretty pink hue, it's hard to believe that it didn't actually come from IRL unicorns. Who knows, though. Maybe the couple is hiding magical creatures at their winery. I wouldn't be surprised.

Gik Live!

Regardless of whether or not the wine was actually made from real unicorns (a girl can dream, can't she?), it sounds delicious. According to Gik Live!, the beverage is an authentic and natural pink rosé with an ABV of 12 percent. With that being said, it's the perfect bottle for a girls' night in or a springtime gathering. If you end up buying Unicorn Tears, drink responsibly.

Speaking of purchasing the bottle, I have some upsetting news. According to the wine's product page on Gik Live!, Unicorn Tears isn't currently available in the United States. However, it does say that it'll be available in the U.S. soon — so cross your fingers that it doesn't take too long. If you live in the European Union, you can order a few bottles of the magic on the company's website right now.

Before making your orders, you're probably wondering how much a bottle of Unicorn Tears costs. According to its product page, three bottles of the pink stuff costs about $45, which means each bottle will probably set you back $15. That's pretty cheap for actual unicorn tears, am I right?

However, based off Gik Live!'s website, it seems like you can't purchase each bottle individually. Instead, the company gives customers three options, which include three bottles, six bottles, and twelve bottles. Based off of the website, half a dozen bottles will set you back about $80, and one dozen will cost about $135. I don't know about you, but I definitely want to stock up on Unicorn Tears when the rosé is available stateside.

While you're waiting for its U.S debut, try a bottle of Gik Live!'s blue wine. Sure, it might not be as magical as pink Unicorn Tears — but it's just as pretty.