Uber's Lost and Found Index details commonly forgotten and unique items.

Uber's List Of All The Items Riders Leave Behind Will Make You Check Twice Before You Get Out

by Daffany Chan

Forgetting something in an Uber is a frustrating yet common experience. Whether it's your keys or your phone, there are a whole slew of personal belongings that are easy to lose track of. Uber's 2020 Lost and Found Index gives a snapshot of the most commonly forgotten items customers have left behind. Check out the details on this year's findings, so you know what to keep an eye on when you ride.

Uber released its fourth annual Lost and Found Index on Tuesday, March 10. The top 10 most commonly forgotten items were the usual suspects: phones, wallets, keys, bags, headphones, clothing, glasses, vapes/e-cigs, personal identification documents, and water bottles. The most forgotten item in 2019 was also the phone, so I'd recommend paying extra attention to your gadget the next time you catch an Uber.

There were also more unique items people left behind, including mice for a pet snake to eat, a cooler of breastmilk, an oxygen tank, and a Ouija board. One Harry Potter enthusiast even left behind a wand. Riders also forgot interesting beauty items like $1,000 worth of hair products, a bag with a bundle of hair inside, and three pairs of sunglasses in a paper bag.

Courtesy of Uber

You'll want to be most mindful of your belongings on Fridays and Saturdays and late at night, since Uber reports that's when riders are most likely to forget items. Riders are also particularly prone to losing things on holidays like New Year's Eve, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day, so keep an eye on your belongings during upcoming St. Paddy's festivities.

If you've forgotten something in an Uber, don't worry. You can easily get your item back for a $15 fee by contacting your driver. If you've lost your phone while on a ride, you can log in to your account on the Uber website using a computer. Once you've accessed your account, tap "Your Trip," then select the trip where you've lost your item, tap "I lost an item," and "Contact driver about a lost item." Scroll down and enter the phone number you'd like to be contacted at and then tap submit. If your driver picks up and confirms your item has been found, you can coordinate a meeting time to get your item back. If the driver doesn't pick up, you can leave a voicemail detailing your lost item and the best way to contact you.

You can pass the time on you next long Uber ride with the brand's new interactive Instagram filter inspired by the lost belongings. It works the same way as other popular AR filters, where it spins until it lands on which lost item you are. The possibilities include items of Uber rides past, like a llama cup and a six-pack of toilet paper.


Now that you know which items are most likely to get left behind, you can do a final check before you head out of your ride.