TWICE's Dahyun's Hair Evolution Is As Beautiful As A Rainbow

There's a reason everyone is so dang fascinated with K-Pop visuals. The genre takes every aspect of visual storytelling to the next level. From the music videos and choreography to the fashion and hair, literally everything is next-level gorgeous. Take TWICE, for example. Made of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, the K-Pop girl group formed on the reality competition show Sixteen and have released bop after bop ever since. TWICE changes up their style with each era, but whether their concept is cute with vibrant hair colors and preppy 'fits, or mature with bold makeup and dark ensembles, the women of TWICE make it work flawlessly every time. ONCE have seen the members go through some big changes in their appearance. TWICE's Dahyun's hair evolution is especially a sight to see because it's as beautiful as a rainbow.

Dahyun, aka Princess Charming, has a bright and colorful hair evolution that matches perfectly with her adventurous personality. One day, you'll see Dahyun rocking snow-white hair and, the next, she'll be rocking purple, because she's confident and isn't afraid to take risks. Dahyun's styles and colors are totally unpredictable and that's what makes her hair evolution so fascinating. So, buckle up! This is going to be a wild ride through Dahyun's hair history!

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Entertainment — TWICE's Dahyun's Hair Evolution Is As Beautiful As A Rainbow

May 2015: Brown With Pink Highlights

Dahyun's pink highlights while on Sixteen hinted at major risk-taking to come with TWICE.

October 2015: Pink Lowlights

Once Dahyun debuted, she ditched her highlights and did the next best thing: lowlights. This time, she died them neon pink with a touch of orange. I repeat: neon.

December 2015: Half-Ponytail With Highlights

Dahyun started rocking a half-ponytail instead of her usual straightened hair when she had those had those pink and orange highlights to really make those colors stand out more.

February 2016: Dark Brown

Dahyun said goodbye to her pink and orange highlights and, instead, opted for a natural, dark-brown color.

April 2016: Brown With Blonde Tips

Dahyun couldn't stay away from colored tips for long because by TWICE's "Cheer Up" era, her tips were light blonde again.

October 2016: Full-On Blonde

The blonde tips should have been a hint that Dahyun was ready to take this blonde thing all the way.

December 2016: Dark-Red Updo

Up until now, Dahyun had saved bright colors for her tips, but she decided to make a change by dying her hair dark red from her roots, all the way down to her tips, which faded into an equally gorgeous pinkish color as time went on.

February 2017: Pink & Blonde Ombré

Dahyun's red hair was fading away, and it began mixing into her blonde tips while, at the same time, exposing Dahyun's natural brown hair underneath, resulting in the prettiest unintentional ombré ever.

March 2017: Ash Brown

Every once in a while, Dahyun goes back to a natural shade, like this brush with ash brown.

May 2017: Blonde Curls

Dahyun went back to blonde, but spiced things up by adding curls. With her pink makeup and yellow sunhat, Dahyun turned into Little Miss Sunshine.

October 2017: Back to Brown

The blonde curls were nice while they lasted, but it was also great to see Dahyun rocking a natural brown shade again. Dahyun also ditched the curls for a simple wavy style.

February 2018: Jet Black

Ahead of the group's "What Is Love?" comeback, Dahyun dyed her hair black for the first time. For someone who goes through constant vibrant hair changes, black actually seemed quite shocking.

June 2018: Blonde Again

Nothing says summer like TWICE's "Dance The Night Away" era, which saw the members rocking fresh, summery looks. To match the group's bright concept, Dahyun went back to blonde.

October 2018: Platinum Blonde With Peeks of Blue

Was it just me or did Dahyun totally give you Queen Elsa vibes with her platinum-blonde hair? The peeks of blue only made Dahyun look that much ~cooler~.

October 2018: Purple & Blue Mix

Leave it to Dahyun to surprise ONCE with two hair colors in one month. Dahyun took ombré to the next level by dying her roots light purple and fading the color into her blue tips.

November 2018: Blonde, White, Purple, and Blue Ombré

With hints of blonde, white, purple, and dark blue, it looked like Dahyun blended every color she's had in 2018 to create a unique ombré that truly turned heads and had non-K-Pop fans asking, "Who is that?"

November 2018: Dark Purple

Dayhun made jaws drop when she debuted this absolutely gorgeous deep purple look.

March 2019: Sea Green

Dahyun gave serious mermaid vibes with this sea-green shade.

March 2019: Light-Green Updo

With her hair in a light-green updo, Dahyun could seriously play a live-action Tinker Bell if she wanted to.

April 2019: Light-Blonde Braid

Once again, Dahyun looked nothing but ~cool~ with her icy blonde locks.

May 2019: Blue

For the first time ever, Dahyun dyed her hair blue and — shocker! she totally pulled it off.

October 2019: Light Blonde

Blonde seems to be one of Dahyun's fave shades because it's always the color she goes back to. I'm not complaining, though. Dahyun looks totally fabulous rocking it.

I wonder what Dahyun will surprise fans with next. If history is anything to go by, she'll be adding another color to her already-impressive rainbow hair evolution sooner than later.