Here's What To Know About TWICE's Princess Charming, Dahyun

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TWICE is one of my fave K-pop groups of all time. They debuted in 2015, but I'm sad to say I didn't know about them until 2017. Even then, I watched a few TWICE music videos here and there, but I didn't really become a fan until 2018, when the group dropped their "Dance The Night Away" music video. There was just something about the summer anthem and playful music video that I just couldn't stop thinking about. I think it all came down to TWICE'S charms. The group is just so darn likable and their music is just as irresistible. Whenever you're in a sad mood, just search "TWICE" on YouTube because they will instantly cheer you up, especially TWICE's Dahyun. So, who Is TWICE'S Dahyun?

For starters, Dahyun is TWICE's lead rapper (not to be confused with TWICE's main rapper, Chaeyoung), as well as a vocalist for the group.

Dahyun was born on May 28, 1998. At 20 years old, she's the third youngest member, only a tad older than Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. Dahyun was only 16 years old when she debuted with TWICE in 2015, which is honestly so impressive.

Speaking of 16, Dahyun and the rest of the members all got their start on the reality show, Sixteen. They were all contestants on the show, and in the end, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu all came out on top to form TWICE. According to Koreaboo, Dahyun was a JYP trainee for almost three-and-half years before she went on Sixteen and then debuted.

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While on Sixteen, Dayhun made an impression on the judges not only with her rapping skills, but also her confidence, charisma, and quirkiness on stage, which totally proved she was a natural-born performer. Of course, Dahyun immediately connected with the audience because they loved her!

Watch one of Dahyun's Sixteen performances below.

I can't help but smile whenever I watch that clip because you can tell from the get-go Dahyun was going to be one of TWICE'S funniest members. I mean, did you see the eagle dance she did? Hilarious!

If you didn't know, the dance was actually a reference to one of Dahyun's childhood videos that went viral years ago. According to the KPop Herald, Dahyun performed an "eagle dance" at Church in the sixth grade and it spread pretty quickly in Korea.

It's amazing that instead of finding a childhood video of hers embarrassing, Dahyun owned it and brought the iconic dance back. Dahyun clearly isn't afraid to be herself and that's why I and the rest of ONCE love her. Thankfully, the dance isn't going anywhere because, according to Time, fans can also find a similar eagle dance in Fortnite! Fans think Dahyun was the inspiration behind it, although it's not confirmed.

Something you should also know about TWICE's Dahyun is that she's got mad skills at finding hidden cameras. Whether it be the paparazzi or hard-to-find cameras on stage, Dahyun will never miss a moment to pose for the camera and make fans swoon with her charms.

You can watch a compilation of Dahyun's camera-finding skills below. (Yes, there's a 5-minute compilation video because Dahyun is that good.)

With all this talk of Dahyun's beginnings, I think it's only right I show you a new video of Dahyun that showcases all her amazing talents, like dancing, rapping, and setting fashion trends. Just check out her outfit during TWICE'S "Feel Special" performance on M Countdown.

You've fallen for Dahyun now, too, right? Join the fandom because Dahyun's charms are totally irresistible!