Tide Pod Pizza Is A Thing Now & Twitter Is Really Torn Over It

by Collette Reitz

If I had known that "eating" Tide Pods (please don't eat them) would become all the rage in 2018, I would have made a resolution to never talk about the uniquely-packaged laundry detergent. Alas, I had no clue what the new year would have in store in the way of "WTF fads," so here I am talking about Tide Pods. At least in this instance, the Tide Pods in question aren't actually Tide Pods, but instead, an edible Tide Pod Pizza made to look like them. If you're not sure how you feel about that, then you'll definitely relate to these tweets about Tide Pod pizza that are just as conflicted as you are about the interesting delicacy.

Before we get to the head-scratching tweets (and existence of Tide Pod pizza), you might be wondering more about the idea of eating Tide Pods in the first place. Well, it turns out that it's not too complicated: Some people simply think they look darn delicious. The squishy laundry detergent packs are brightly colored with orange-and-blue swirled designs, and for some, that translates to thinking that it just might taste delicious. To remind you, it is soap — so just know you're not missing out when you don't eat Tide Pods (seriously, don't do it).

What isn't soap, though, is the Tide Pod pizza being served up at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, according to Delish.

According to a screenshot posted on Twitter by Julia Reinstein of the now-deleted Instagram post on Vinnie's Pizzeria's page, the pizza joint is calling their creation Pied Pods, which are "stuffed with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni." Once they're baked, they're topped off with orange-and-blue dyed melted cheese to give it that "Tide Pod" appeal.

Once the internet got ahold of this Tide Pod alternative, people were conflicted. I mean, it is a tough premise since you're combining pizza (an all-time favorite) with the look of Tide Pods (which is, you guessed it: soap).

Some people didn't hold back with their not-so-positive feelings about Tide Pod pizza.

"Everything is terrible."

Others simply found it to be "really weird."

"It’s really weird that it’s come down to this."

The tough questions were asked.

In GIF form, of course.

One person noted the specific advertising needed for soap-inspired dishes.

"'100% not poison' is something we have to say now."

Brooklyn was both lauded and criticized for being home to Vinnie's Pizzeria's Tide Pod Pizza.

"God, I love Brooklyn."

"Shut down Brooklyn."

Pizza and Tide Pod aesthetic is just what some people want.

"I want them."

For some, it's the edible Tide Pod itch they've needed to scratch.

"This is amazing."

Choosing between loving pizza and (rightly) questioning Tide Pod consumption is a tough place to be.

"What have we become. Also, next time I'm in BK..."

To be fair, from the entirety of the Vinnie's Pizzeria post, it does seem that they are in on the joke. They wrote:

We’re concerned about the youths. They’re eating laundry detergent pods. We needed to do something... We’re hoping that Pied Pods will be a gateway food for kids to get back into actual food. Hope, not Soap!

It's not Vinnie's Pizzeria's fault that "eating" Tide Pods has become a national obsession. And hey, they're just trying to get kids back on the right track — even if it is through orange-and-blue melted cheese.

So, if you're conflicted over whether or not you would want to eat Tide Pod pizza, you can at least rest easy knowing that it exists for a good cause, which is to persuade people not to eat laundry detergent. Ah, welcome to 2018, and please, don't eat the Tide Pods.

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