There's Finally A Bearded Emoji & It's Just In Time For #Movember

by Collette Reitz

The new, highly-anticipated emojis were finally released this week when Apple made the iOS 11.1 update available on Nov. 1. As soon as you downloaded the iOS 11.1 update, you had a whole new world of emojis available to you right at your fingertips. Of course, people were excited for all of these new emojis, but some of them were more popular than others. Take, for example, all of these tweets about the bearded emoji, and you'll see that people have been wanting this one for quite a long time.

There couldn't have been a better time to release this emoji donning some serious facial hair, either. It's arrival onto your iMessage keyboards comes just in time to celebrate #Movember. If you need a little refresher on what exactly #Movember is, allow me to explain. According to the Movember Foundation website:

The Movember Foundation is the global charity that advocates for men, raising funds and awareness to stop men dying too young. We want to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives through investing in three key areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

How do they make their presence known with #Movember? They challenge men to grow a moustache during the month of November in order to create awareness of the Movember Foundation.

Nothing complements a moustache like a beard, though, right? Good thing the new bearded emoji is rocking both. You won't have to look too hard on Twitter to find all the positive accolades people are doling out for the beard emoji.

This guy cared about nothing else in the iOS 11.1 update.

He's all about that beard.

"Hell to the yes."

You guys, the beard emoji is being adored.

There was no shortage of positive reviews.

Who knew one beard could spread so much joy?

See, the absence of a bearded emoji was affecting people's lives.

One bearded emoji isn't enough for some people. They want more.

It's love at first type.

I have a feeling that the bearded emoji will quickly find its way into this Twitter user's frequently used emojis.

Some other new emojis that were released in the iOS 11.1 update include the sign language symbol for love and an orange emoji heart. So, now you can really show your love for the bearded and mustachioed men celebrating #Movember with just a few taps on your emoji keyboard.

Show your love for all the #Movember participants with this emoji combo.


If you're just as excited about #Movember as you are about the new bearded emoji, then you might be asking yourself about ways that you can help. According to the Movember Foundation, anyone can help: man or woman. Now, if you're a woman it might be a little tougher to grow out a moustache in support of the cause, but the Movember Foundation has a list of ways you can help.

The foundation's website says, "While growing a Mo is left to the guys, Mo Sistas (women who love Mo’s and want to support men's health) do a lot of important work for Movember." If you feel like being a "Mo Sista," you can get involved by making a donation and/or supporting and showing love for the Mo.

Short on cash? You can always dole out some "Mo recognition." It's as simple as "a smile or nod of recognition for a Mo Bro’s moustache growing and fundraising efforts."

Now, there is no official word from Apple that the bearded emoji was supposed to coincide with #Movember, but a little kismet never hurt anyone.

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