There's A New Controversial Pizza Topping & Twitter Is Totally At War Over It

Carbs, tomato sauce, and cheese are basically the Holy Trinity of ingredients in the Italian culture, yet pizza lovers sometimes look for a way to spice up that trio. Curious foodies can either miss the mark entirely or find a cool new treat to add to the mix.... as is the case with strawberries. Tweets about strawberry pizza prove that people haven't quite reached a consensus about the ever-so-controversial topic.

Move over, pineapples, there's a new fruit in town making waves. Photos emerged of strawberry slices on top of a pie, and at first glance, one might miss them entirely — or mistake them for pepperoni. It's also possible that a quick peek might lead people to believe it's a pile of upchuck. It's still a close call, and the internet isn't prepared to reach an agreement anytime soon.

Twitter user @moonemojii took to the social media site to rock the boat with the statement "strawberries>>pineapples." Naturally, the tweet speaks for itself (ever hear that line before?). However, that didn't discourage people from chiming in with their own pizza perfection beliefs. There were plenty of disagreements, bold statements, and gifs galore (c'mon people, can we really expect anything less from the internet?).

First thing's first, here's the controversy itself: the strawberry pizza.

Here are the unhappy folks who will not warm up to this foolishness.

Now here are those adventurous souls looking to give the strawberry pizza a shot (including the person who started the trouble in the first place)

Is it something actually worth having for dinner or is it just a case of some bizarre witchcraft? Guess the best way to find out is to take a bite. Is it — dare I say — even more controversial than the pineapple?

A pizza people can unanimously agree on is one that's inspired by all things spooky. In celebration of Halloween, why not add a creepy and kooky vibe to dinner? All Hallow's Eve calls for the works.

Start with this mummy pie.

This tasty treat is wrapped in Halloween goodness and is kind of a cross between a pizza and a calzone, two equally lovely meals that won't completely divide the internet.

Actual pizza is not required for Halloween pizza.

Have a gander at this bad boy. Sweet Halloween Candy Pizza is without a doubt a must for such a special occasion. No cheese, sauce, or dough (or fruit). This is probably Willy Wonka's go-to dessert.

For those who are really looking to cause a bit of chaos amongst pizza fanatics, might I suggest pizza-flavored ice cream? We are living in creative times, folks. People sip lattes out of avocados and bathe with pizza-scented bath soaps, so it should really come as no surprise pizza-flavored ice cream is the latest trend to take over and leave us simultaneously amazed and puzzled. Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has decided to combine our favorite dinner and dessert so we can have the best of both worlds in one sitting. No word on whether or not the pizza-flavored ice cream comes with a hint of strawberry.

This pizza debate is certainly enough to stress out the most passionate of foodies, so for those who cannot decide how to feel about these dishes, relax with a pizza bath bomb until you've reached a verdict. A Japanese-based company named Village Vanguard is allowing us to take our favorite foods with us while we bathe, and it's definitely an interesting concept. Soak in the tub while pondering what to order... and think long and hard about those strawberries.

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