Rick & Jadis Had The Most Epic Fight Scene On ‘TWD’ & Twitter Is Loving It

We're nearing the mid-point of this season of The Walking Dead, but this show is not slowing down anytime soon. We left off Rick in Episode 6 of the series as a stripped down prisoner of head Scavenger, Jadis. But in Episode 7 of Season 8, "Time For After," we saw Rick fight back, escape his "shackles," and ultimately come to an understanding with Jadis. So naturally, Twitter exploded, and tweets about Rick and Jadis on The Walking Dead are so incredibly impassioned.

The Walking Dead fan-base is not a beast to be reckoned with, as is evidenced when following the show's hashtag on Twitter. In Episode 6, "The King, The Widow, and Rick," Rick ended the episode as a prisoner of Jadis. Rick remained her prisoner in Episode 7, and Jadis bizarrely stripped him down and took pictures of him. She told Rick that she would use the pictures to "sculpt him after," which didn't exactly make sense at first.

But at the end of the episode, it all came together when Jadis put an armored walker in front of Rick, presumably with the intent for him to get eaten and croak. But Rick was able to fight back (despite being almost fully naked and weaponless) and tackled Jadis to the ground, taking out the walker and ripping its head off along the way. In the kind of amazingly badass moment that fans love this show for, Rick placed the head of the walker he tore apart in front of her face and forced her to agree to his terms on an alliance to attack the Sanctuary. Yesssss.

Twitter fans were absolutely loving Rick's badass moment:

Ugh, all the yes. Rick taking Jadis down was a seriously gratifying moment. Mostly because the Scavengers (or Heapsters, as they're referred to by fans) are actually the worst, and I don't think there is a single Walking Dead fan that likes this junkyard gang. Which begs the question: Why does Rick want to become allies with this group of people?

I mean, Jadis literally was going to feed Rick to a walker, which kind of explained her strange "sculpting" line. But why would Rick subject himself to the Scavengers, who obviously outnumber him, and attempt to work with them in the all out war?

And Twitter fans were equally as concerned about the Rick and Jadis alliance, if we can even call it one:

But some fans had another theory as to why Jadis wants to keep Rick around:

The Scavengers are opportunists and are not known for amazing teamwork, so to speak. The last time Jadis and Rick made a deal was during Season 7, where we saw the Scavengers turn on Rick and the Alexandrians in the finale episode. They ruined the plan to attack Negan in the process, and Jadis ended up turning Rick over to Negan in exchange for 12 people.

So there is absolutely no reason for Rick to want to work with the Scavengers again, given their not so positive history. Unless Rick is that desperate for people to be on his team when it comes to the all out war, I don't see why it's necessary to have the Scavengers on board.

In the final scene of Episode 7, we saw Rick scaling a tower to take a peek at the Sanctuary. He discovers that a truck has plowed through the walkers — and assumes that Negan has managed to escape, throwing a kind of huge wrench in his plans. So there's no telling how this storyline between Rick and the Scavengers will pan out in terms of tracking down Negan and the Saviors. But it's an absolute given that the mid-season finale will be seriously major.