Lucky Charms Is Getting Rid Of This Marshmallow & Twitter Is Sobbing

Lucky Charms

As my girl Joni Mitchell says, "You don't know what you got 'till it's gone," and that feeling is hella real RN. Although we truly never thought that the day would come, Lucky Charms is actually about to retire one of their most iconic 'mallows... and I, personally, am in utter disbelief that each and every one of our cereal bowls will now be lacking the hourglass. And since I'm so heartbroken, these tweets about Lucky Charms' hourglass marshmallow going away are really making me feel like I'm not alone.

I know what you're thinking: How can we be sure that it's really the right time for this? According to a press release, our beloved cereal brand officially announced that the hourglass marshmallow will be retired as of March 2018, after 10 lovely years of gracing our bowls with the timeliness that all of us have always needed to start each and every one of our mornings. So make it a point to say your goodbyes before you end up running out of time (wow these "time" jokes are truly endless, aren't they?). Their official retirement will truly be a tear-jerker.

Since you're probably devastated (like most cereal fans), it probably helps to know that Twitter isn't exactly handling this news well, either. Although fans will still love their favorite sugary cereal all the same, change is hard, and goodbyes are most definitely never easy — especially when the soon-to-be retired hourglass is one of the most popular 'mallows amongst die-hard fans.

Other Twitter users aren't so upset over the fact that the hourglass 'mallow is going into retirement, as much as they're worried that its absence will totally ruin the classic Lucky Charms jingle. Retiring the hourglass will, in fact, create a random gap in the classic song — and certain jingle-loving fans are just hoping that General Mills will step up and find another four-syllable shape to take its place to keep the song going. Because, as we all know, ruining the Lucky Charms song would be a serious travesty.

Finally, other Lucky Charms fans are feeling that the retirement of the hourglass is showing some major 'mallow bias. What did the hourglass ever do to us? It's been in our bowls for an entire decade, and suddenly it's being treated like chopped liver? Nobody asked for this, and we're all hoping someone steps in to stands up for the hourglass.

Due to the buzz of the hourglass marshmallow's retirement, many Lucky Charms fans are actually just finding out that the marshmallow in question was supposed to be an hourglass, which is kind of hilarious. Many who hadn't heard the jingle assumed that it was a variation on the pot of gold, while some just weren't really sure what shapes they thought they were eating this entire time. And that's honestly OK, too... it might make the pain and suffering of the hourglass' retirement a lot easier, and we're really happy for everyone who didn't know it was an hourglass in the first place.

We know that the announcement of Lucky Charms' hourglass 'mallow is going to hit many fans right in the feels — and that's OK, because the Twitterverse is enduring the pain alongside us, too. In the end, I'll really just be wishing the hourglasses all the best for their retirement, and I truly hope they go somewhere retire somewhere nice until the end of time. Maybe the mountains? Perhaps Florida? Nobody can be sure, but definitely make a point to grab a box before March, if you're feeling particularly sentimental.

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