In-N-Out Added The First New Item To Its Menu In 15 Years & People Are So Confused

by Collette Reitz

If you're a lucky resident of one of the six states in which In-N-Out Burger operates, then you probably already have an affinity for the fast-food burger chain. With it's simply curated menu (and Not-So-Secret menu), you can enjoy an Animal Style Double-Double on the regular. Well, get ready to add a new drink to your order because In-N-Out has just added a new chocolaty beverage to the menu. After seeing these tweets about In-N-Out's hot cocoa, it might just make its way into your usual order (once its place on the menu no longer confuses you, of course).

In-N-Out is known for its minimalist menu, so when something new hops on board, people are going to notice. That was exactly the case when the offerings — which consist mostly of burgers, fries, and shakes — grew by one hot cocoa recently. In fact, hot cocoa is the first new item to be added to the In-N-Out menu in 15 years, according to Eater.

When you order up the newest menu item, you'll get a hot cocoa that's made with Ghirardelli Chocolate powder and hot water and topped with (optional) freeze-dried marshmallows. Oh, and it's available all year long — although the upcoming bomb cyclone is the perfect excuse to warm up with a cup of the hot stuff.

Eater tweeted about the arrival of the new beverage.

The news was met with some confusion about how hot cocoa will fit into a burger order.

The combo was a little too "out there" for some people.

"Burgers and hot cocoa?"

"Who wants hot cocoa with a burger?!"

"Random" was the word that came to mind for this responder.

Others could only muster one-word questions in response.



Some people simply were not interested.

"Nope, nope, nope."

While confusion and refusal to pair Animal Style fries with a hot cocoa was abundant, there were about just as many people who were ecstatic to hear about the addition of hot cocoa to the In-N-Out menu. Personally, I have never thought of hot cocoa as a glaring exclusion from the In-N-Out menu, but from the excitement in the tweets about it, it appears that this has been on many a burger lover's vision board.

Expressing excitement in an adorable GIF is all this person could do.

"I’m so excited."

When the response includes three heart-eyed emojis, you know the news is good.

"Holy eff...must try."

Plans to get their hands on the hot cocoa were made presently.

And in all caps.

The arrival of hot cocoa at In-N-Out was a very big moment for some people.

"I am way more excited than any adult has a right to be about hot cocoa."

Dreams do come true, people.


The excitement over the new menu items was apparent on Twitter, but it turns out that In-N-Out hot cocoa isn't actually all that new, according to Eater. In a statement from Lynsi Snyder, the president of In-N-Out, it was revealed that the hot cocoa is actually making a return to the menu. Apparently, the hot beverage was served for quite a few years by Snyder's grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, in the 1950s. Snyder also shared that the hot cocoa is a part of the In-N-Out culture, and that she's happy that it is coming back.

Kids will be happy to have the hot cocoa back too, because In-N-Out shared that kids ages 12 and under can receive a free hot chocolate on rainy days. Instead of falling into an instant depression by thinking back to what year you were 12, you can rest easy knowing that you can get your hand on an eight-ounce cup of the liquid chocolate for just $1.65 any time you want.

Whether you're confused or excited (or both) about this new menu addition, In-N-Out's hot cocoa is here to stay and keep you warm alongside your Double-Double combo.

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