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Tweets About Harry Styles' Sexuality Are Circulating After He Performed "Medicine"


Good morning to Harry Styles and nobody else. If you guys know me, you know I love three things: donuts, naps, and baby-faced ex-boyband members with heads of hair like a lion. Styles has been killing the solo game since the disbanding of his group, One Direction, and he can't stop creating hit songs. Now, tweets about Harry Styles' sexuality are circulating after he performed his latest, unreleased track, "Medicine," because of the song's lyrics.

Here's what's up: There are a few lyrics in "Medicine" that reference "messin' around" with "boys and girls," causing fans to ask questions about Styles' sexual preferences. Though Styles' sexuality is 100 percent his business and his business alone, fans have perked up after hearing the song during a performance in Paris on March 13.

The lyrics to the song's two verses go like this:

Fans who caught the show are totally here for it. Some fans on Twitter are even calling "Medicine" a "bisexual anthem."

Styles debuted "Medicine" alongside another unreleased track called "Anna." According to Teen Vogue, Styles explained these songs didn't make the cut for his first album to a crowd in Basel, Switzerland, on March 12. One fan quoted him on Twitter as saying,


In contrast, some of the lyrics to "Anna" directly reference one lucky lady, whoever Anna is. They are:

Wow, Anna. Way to break hearts everywhere.

In a 2013 interview with British GQ, Harry specifically said he's not bisexual. At the time, rumors were circulating about his relationship with British DJ, Nick Grimshaw. When Styles was asked if they were more than just friends, he responded, "Bisexual? Me? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not."

He added,

The heartthrob singer has also said he avoids labeling his sexuality and has never "felt the need" to call himself one thing or the other.

While speaking with The Sun in 2017, Styles was asked about his thoughts on his colleague Miley Cyrus coming out as pansexual. He said, "Being in a creative field, it’s important to be ­progressive. People doing stuff like that is great." He added, "It’s weird for me — everyone should just be who they want to be. It’s tough to justify somebody having to answer to someone else about stuff like that."

The interviewer followed up by asking if Styles ever labeled his own sexuality. He responded,

Plus, there is no rule that every song he sings or performs must be about his personal life, and the lyrics to "Medicine" might not have anything to do with his relationships at all! (Hollywood, ya know?) The truth is, as much as we are all dying to know the details about Styles' love life, his sexuality is no one's business but his own.

Harry, love you. Love your hair. Love your music.

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