This Guy's Gross Tweet Will Completely Ruin Pop-Tarts For You & The Internet's Fuming

by Collette Reitz
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Food preferences can be a very touchy subject. Add an odd food combination to the mix, and you can very well start an all-out food fight. People like what they like, and they despise what they don't. Take a look at these tweets about cheese on Pop-Tarts, and you'll see just how easily a heated food debate can divide the internet.

According to BuzzFeed, the creator of this Pop-Tart with cheese "sandwich" is Chris Jorgensen, who is currently a sophomore at Iowa State University. Jorgensen posted a tweet on Nov. 9 showing images of his creation: a slice of yellow American cheese nestled between two strawberry-frosted Pop-Tarts. That alone would have been enough to elicit some strong opinions, but it was Jorgensen's caption that caught the eye of many of his fellow Iowans.

He wrote, "You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these." Presumably, the "one of these" to which he is referring is the Pop-Tart and American cheese sandwich pictured in his tweet. Pop-Tart lovers currently calling Iowa home immediately responded with outrage, confusion, and genuine concern.

If I'm being honest, I believed for split-second that this could be one of those foods where you ate when you were a kid (if you lived in Iowa, according to Jorgensen), so you still like it now, but Twitter was quick to refute the Iowa connection.

Here is the Pop-Tart monstrosity in question.

Iowans began distancing themselves from Jorgensen.

Hey, they wear cheese on their heads in Wisconsin. Maybe they'll be more accepting of sandwiching it between two Pop-Tarts there.

The Law got involved.

Don't worry, it turned out all right, but I bet Jorgensen will think twice before joking around with Iowa's reputation regarding the use of breakfast pastries.

Looks like we know who called the cops.

I'm guessing this sandwich wouldn't be too well-received in Bel Air, either.

Presumably life-long Iowans couldn't figure out how this breakfast massacre could have originated in their home state.

To be fair, Jorgensen was likely just making a joke, and he wasn't actually trying to promote a long-held Iowa food tradition (since it isn't one). In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Jorgensen laughed as he admitted that he's "done some damage to the state of Iowa." The tweet has been retweeted over 800 times and liked by nearly 3,000 people.

Despite Jorgensen's intentions, people were still very upset by the thought of consuming this concoction.

This guy wanted to remove the evidence from Twitter for good.

Unfortunately, the tweet is only controlled by Jorgensen's Pop-Tart sandwich-making hands.

This person just couldn't relate.

I think if people were eating these on the regular, they wouldn't be advertising it.

As for Jorgensen, when the Des Moines Register asked if he actually ate it, he simply responded with, "There wasn't much cheese in the bite that I got."

Pop-Tarts can go from morning treat to pure evil at work with the simple addition of an American cheese slice.

Now, most of the responses were similar in nature to the aforementioned tweets, but if you scroll down in the replies, you can see some optimistic personalities that are just trying to find the light in this moment of Pop-Tart darkness.

Even thought what's in the picture is highly questionable, the quality of the photo is on point.

Perhaps Jorgensen's talents lie beyond the toaster. He does happen to be the visual editor at Iowa State Daily. I think it's safe to say he should stick to his day job, because that portrait photo makes me almost want to try it.

At the end of the day, you can always find some way to relate to others.

If that happens to be through what looks like '70s-era dinnerware, then so be it.

This isn't the first time that Pop-Tarts have incited some Twitter rage. Back in May, Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts were released, and people were not having it. People were calling them "nasty AF" and posited, "We don't want them." It was a rough go for the breakfast pastry on Twitter, but time heals all wounds.

Now that Iowans on Twitter have successfully denounced the Pop-Tart and American cheese "sandwich," there can again be peace at breakfast tables across the midwest.

Maybe we should take this as a sign and leave well-enough alone when it comes to these breakfast treats, and Pop-Tarts can continue to reign supreme as your favorite childhood (and sometimes adult) breakfast.

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