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Tweets About Celebrities' "Nice Allegations" Will Make You Feel So Much Better


There has been some really, really awful news coming out of Hollywood lately. Sexual harassment and abuse allegations have been flooding in against high-profile comedians, actors, and producers, and it just feels like there's a little less goodness left in the world. Thankfully for all us, there's a series of tweets about celebrities' "nice allegations" that is making everything feel just a little bit better.

After allegations broke that Harvey Weinstein had been sexually assaulting, harassing, and abusing women throughout his career, more and more men and women have to decided to step forward with their deeply personal industry stories. Now, a whole slew of Hollywood figures are under the microscope because of some pretty shocking abuse and harassment allegations, including Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and Jeremy Piven.

It's a deeply troubling time, and all of this really makes the world feel like a gloomier, sadder, and more worrisome place. There is one ray of sunshine, though. A Twitter user who goes by the name BAKOAN started a thread asking for some good allegations about celebrities. She wrote,

Believe it or not, people delivered. Big time.


It turns out that Jon Hamm won't make you feel stupid about anything. And Gwen Stefani is a sweetheart.

Ginnifer Goodwin will make you feel better if you're in a bad place.

So will Tyra Banks.

Charles Schultz helps cheer up little kids.  

Danny DeVito is a generous tipper.

Chris Martin is pretty much an angel and visits hospitals, homeless shelters, and sends Christmas presents to underprivileged children.

Ummm, Lucy Liu is also an angel.

There was that time that Carrie Fisher personally DM-ed a fan with advice.

Oh yeah, and then there was that other time that Sarah Silverman sent a fan free tickets to her show.

OK, so I told you that these were complete gems. If you're having a hankering for even more stories about celebrities being kind, generous, and generally decent people, there's literally a Reddit thread dedicated to people sharing positive experiences they've had with stars.

Some of those stories include:

So, basically, there's goodness left in Hollywood/the world after all. Also, we should all be so lucky to sob into Tyra Banks's arms.