Someone Lost A Boa Constrictor In Their Apartment & The Twitter Thread Will Haunt You

Kevin Sweeting

Living in New York City usually means the only wildlife you need to worry about are rats and stray cats. Thanks to the lack of greenery and excess of cement, animals don't typically flock here (except for the dogs — there are lots of cute dogs walking the streets with their owners that are totally and completely welcome). The last thing you'd expect to come across is a snake, but unfortunately, two Brooklynites proved this theory wrong. In fact, one girl named Diana found a boa constrictor in her apartment... and then misplaced it. These tweets about a snake missing in her apartment are going viral and they will literally haunt your dreams.

"We met during our freshman year of college in 2007 and we're still best friends," Kevin Sweeting tells Elite Daily. He started tweeting about his BFF's snake incident on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

The occurrence originally happened when he and Diana were 24 years old (they're both 28 years old now). Kevin began the Twitter thread by saying, "Here is a nice story: Have I ever told you guys about the time Diana found a snake in her apartment?" OK, so any story about someone finding a snake in their apartment should definitely not be considered "nice." However, Twitter was intrigued, so he kept going.

In the next tweet, he wrote, "In June of 2013, my dear friend Diana called my cell phone sobbing and screaming about a snake in her apartment. I didn’t really understand what was going on but decided to ride my bike over there."

What a good friend, right? Well, at that point, he definitely didn't know what he was in for.

Although he was on his way to save his dear friend from a missing snake, he let his Twitter followers know that he had just bought "custom-fitted gold teeth" from the jeweler and that he was "pretty excited" to show them off.

Moving on.

When the gold-studded dude got to Diana's apartment on the third floor, the door was open and she was standing on her bed crying and holding a broom. To his surprise, a 3-foot-long albino boa constrictor was sitting on the floor in front of her. WTF, I know.

Apparently, Diana had gotten home 40 minutes before he walked in and saw the snake curled up on top of her laundry basket. To be honest, if this happened to me, I'd quietly pack up my things and leave. For good.

Instead of packing up Diana's things for her and leaving the borough, Kevin decided to try and grab the snake's tail. Of course, the serpent got away and hid behind a wire shelf (because I'm sure it wasn't pleased about its tail being grabbed).

At this moment, Diana and Kevin decided to make a rational choice: leave the apartment and get beers from the bodega.

I mean, I don't blame them. If there was a snake loose in my apartment, the last thing I'd want to be is sober.

In fact, Kevin talked to me about the situation first hand. When I asked him if he thought the snake would escape while they were getting booze, he tells Elite Daily,

I think mostly we hoped that we would come back and the snake would be gone. We also didn't really know what to do at that point and figured we should mull the situation over over some beers and, at the very least, we could use some extra courage. Diana's apartment was pretty big so we could sit in her living room and drink and keep an eye on the snake in the bedroom.

Fair enough.

He was right, though. Liquid courage helped them make contact with snake, but it wasn't good enough. After trying to capture the snake with one of Diana's pillow cases "like they do on Animal Planet" (which Diana was against at first, because apparently, her pillow cases were really nice) he grabbed the serpent but got worried it was someone's pet. If the snake did belong to someone, he certainly didn't want to rip it in half.

After almost being ripped in two, the snake slithered into a crack in the wall. Kevin and Diana were scared it would seek revenge, so they decided to do a few things. First, they tried using Diana's heated Macbook to lure the snake back out of the wall. After that didn't work, they decided to tape all the holes in the baseboards of the apartment so it couldn't come back up.

And there they were. Two friends in a lonely apartment with a boa constrictor loose below the floorboards.

After arguing about what to do next, both friends decided to start asking other occupants in the building if they were missing a pet snake. After multiple failed attempts at knocking on doors and asking around, they finally found someone who might have answers.

After asking one tenant (who was apparently high and eating Thai food) if he lost a pet snake, he excused himself to go see if "Amanda" was home.

Who the f*ck is Amanda, though?

Oh, Amanda escaped. Also, Amanda was the name of his boa constrictor who was loose in Diana's apartment (not his roommate). Great. Fun. Awesome.

After Diana's neighbor found out his cute little pet was missing, he took his Thai food to their apartment and suggested they use a hammer to take up the baseboards. Of course, they didn't. Instead of tearing the floor apart, the snake owner said Amanda "was scheduled to get hungry in a day or two." Then, she'd come out of the wall to feed.

So Diana was stuck living in an apartment knowing a hungry boa constrictor would come out of the floorboards to feed in a day or two.

Kevin tweeted that for the next day or two, Diana slept in her kitchen (she's a lot braver than me).

However, Amanda's owner left this note in the apartment building to let anyone else know that the snake was harmless and that she should be returned to him:

That's cute. And creepy. And I'm glad I wasn't living in that apartment.

Anyway, Kevin claims that he never saw Amanda again, but that a tenant found her while he or she was doing laundry in the basement. Apparently, the owner came and brought her back home.

Yikes. Kudos to Diana and everyone else living in this apartment building for living amongst a missing boa constrictor.

Out of curiosity, I asked Kevin what he would have done if he found the snake in his own place. He says,

I am not really sure how I would have handled the situation if it had all happened at my apartment. I don't have any snake catching equipment. I am not terribly afraid of snakes but having a strange, uninvited boa constrictor living with you seems like a major hassle so I definitely would have tried to get rid of it.

Again, it's better than packing up and moving out of the borough. Great job, everyone. I'm impressed by your bravery.

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