Tupac's Murder Weapon Was Found, But The Current Location Is Still A Mystery

by Karen Ruffini
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Woah, HUGE news has just come out in the rap world. The A&E series Who Killed Tupac? apparently has revealed some incredible evidence about finding the murder weapon that killed Tupac Shakur. Apparently, the docu-series uncovers information about the .40 caliber Glock handgun that was used to shoot and kill Tupac, claiming that it was found in Compton 19 years ago, but its current whereabouts are a mystery.

Tupac was killed in 1996 in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, and unfortunately his killer was ultimately never caught. Since his death, many speculate who could have committed the crime, yet not much new information has been shed in the twenty-plus years since the shooting. But the series Who Killed Tupac? is trying to bring more evidence into the light, and, according to TMZ, the news about the now-missing handgun was uncovered by the producers of the series.

According to TMZ, the document states that the Glock was found in a citizen's backyard in 1998 who reported the handgun to Compton PD. Two years later, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department took over Compton's law enforcement and confiscated thousands of firearms – which happened to include the Glock found in 1998 – and had it transferred to the LASD.

The docu-series then reportedly shows that years later, in 2006, Deputy T. Brennan – who was, at the time, working on the investigation of Notorious B.I.G.'s murder – realized that the gun was recovered at a Crip gang member's girlfriend's residence. According to the docu-series, Deputy Brennan ordered ballistic testing on the gun, and realized it was a positive match for the firearm that was used to kill Tupac. Despite this staggering realization, the gun was not handed over the the Las Vegas Police Department, who had jurisdiction over Tupac's murder case. The reason? According to the docu-series, the recommendation for the gun not to be handed over to the LVPD was because of "cited concerns the discovery might alert potential conspirators," essentially meaning the fear that gang violence would erupt would be too great if it was discovered that a Crip member was in fact responsible for Tupac's murder.

In a preview video for the episode of Who Killed Tupac? available through TMZ, Tupac's brother, Mopreme Shakur, is shown a confidential document by civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump that was supposedly not intended for public viewing. The document shows confirmation that the pistol found in Compton was positively identified as the pistol that shot Tupac. Mopreme was reportedly never told about the pistol, or that fact that is tested positive as his brother's murder weapon. Mopreme's visibly surprised reaction shows just how much might have been kept away from the public eye in regards to Tupac's death, and how much information might still remain to be seen.

The A&E channel claims that it contacted the LVPD regarding the whereabouts of the pistol, but have only received responses that were murky, at best.

It's shocking to think that such a powerful piece of evidence in such a high-profile case is cloaked in so much mystery and questioning. So, while at one point it looked as if Tupac's murder may have had the chance to get solved, now, without the exact location of the murder weapon known, this tragedy may forever remain a mystery. With this new information coming forward, it seems that we might never have a straight answer, which is impossibly sad to think about, given the fact that Tupac's legacy is so prevalent still today.

We hope that the docu-series can make even the slightest crack in Tupac Shakur's infamous murder case, because I think we can all agree that justice should certainly be served – even twenty years later.

A&E's final episode of Who Killed Tupac? airs Tuesday, Dec. 19.