Here's How Tristan Thompson Really Feels About Watching His Cheating Play Out On 'KUWTK'

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian recently made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show and no question was off limits. During her time on the show, Kardashian answered all sorts of questions, including how Tristan Thompson is handling seeing his personal business play out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. According to Kardashian, Tristan Thompson’s reaction to watching his cheating scandal unfold on TV is exactly what you’d expect: awkward and uncomfortable.

When Degeneres asked Kardashian how awkward it is having to relive difficult moments while Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on the air, Kardashian really opened up about how different an experience that is for her family versus Thompson, who isn’t used to having his private business put on display.

"It is awkward, especially for maybe Tristan, who isn’t used to this," she said. "Unfortunately, that was what’s going on in our lives. So six months later when it replays and they’ve gotten through what they needed to get through and it’s rehashed in front of everyone and everyone’s giving their opinions all over again and we’re live-tweeting and everyone’s chiming in. So that is hard for Khloé and I'm sure for Tristan, but it’s our reality. And we’ve learned just to kind of use it as a therapy just to kind of get it out one last time with everyone else."

So, it sounds like reliving those moments through the show really helps the family process what went wrong and how they ended up overcoming the situation. And that’s actually a really interesting and constructive approach. Hopefully, Thompson was able to walk away from the episodes about his cheating scandal with a new understanding of how the whole thing affected his family.

In recent tweets, Khloé actually opened up about how the stress of the situation affected her and baby True. According to her, stress made it impossible for her breastfeed True successfully.

“I tried breast-feeding for weeks and weeks!” Khloé said in her Twitter response to a fan. “For me it was so painful but I also was not producing a lot of milk. So I had to pump every time she was napping. I guess due to stress my milk was not coming in. I tried and I just couldn’t give her enough. So I had to go to formula.”

I’m sure seeing that unfold on the show and from Khloé’s perspective gave Thompson reason to pause and reflect.

Ultimately, though, what makes the Kardashians the Kardashians is that they move on from this stuff. Even Kim said as much when she appeared on Ellen. Apparently, the Kardashians strive to tell as much of the story on their show as possible without editing it down.

"There’s nothing really that we’ve taken out," she told Degeneres. "So we will let everyone watch and be like, 'Okay, this is what I said about you and this is how I feel about you or felt about you.' It is what it is."

It sounds like that whole family has everything worked out. They all seem to handle the pressure of sharing their lives on TV with dignity and grace, so that’s a good thing!