Trader Joe's 2019 Cat Advent Calendar includes 25 treats.

Trader Joe's Cat Advent Calendar Comes With 25 Kitty-Approved Treats

Stocksy/Melanie DeFazio

Now that October is well under way, there's been no shortage of advent calendars encouraging consumers to skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving in favor of the merriest time of the year. Following in the footsteps of various booze, socks, and candy-filled calendars over the past couple of days, the holiday gods over at Trader Joe's are now helping your feline friends get in on the spirit of the season with an offering I'm pretty sure they'll paw-sitively love (sorry). Apparently, Trader Joe's 2019 cat advent calendar contains 25 treats including a giant fish snack for Christmas Day, and it's the purrfect countdown to the holidays.

According to the seventeenth episode of the grocery chain's regular podcast, Inside Trader Joe's, which was released on Sept. 16, some execs from the nationwide grocery chain gave customers some insight about what products we can expect in the coming months.

Matt Sloan, the vice president of product marketing, and Colin Fields, the Vice President of Merchandising, revealed that they'd decided to help fur parents and their cats get in on the spirit of the holidays this year with an all new advent calendar. If you remember, the company dropped a treat-filled offering last year for dogs that was bound to elicit plenty of wagging tails, and now, it sounds like your kitty will be able to enjoy the countdown as well.

"Last year we came out with the dog Advent calendar, which seemed pretty odd until we got out in the stores and there was quite a following for it," Fields explained, revealing that the company decided to roll out the meow-worthy calendar in response to customer feedback. "And we heard from our feline-loving customers that we should have something for their cats. So we found it, we developed it, and it's pretty cool."

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Inside, customers will reportedly find 24 "magical treats made of salmon and seaweed" (which cats reportedly love, according to Fields), and there will be a giant fish treat for Christmas Day that your kitty will be able to dig into while you open up presents.

Just one word of caution: I wouldn't recommend trying to share the treats with your cat, as Sloan wasn't the biggest fan when he tried to sample them himself.

"You know what? That's not good. But I'm not a cat," he admitted during the podcast, to which Fields responded, "But if you're a cat, you'll really like that."

Unfortunately, there's no word on when you can start stocking up on this paw-some offering. Elite Daily reached out to Trader Joe's to inquire about when the cat advent calendar will be available in stores, but did not hear back by the time of publication. However, judging from last year's release of Trader Joe's dog advent calendar in early November, I'd keep an eye out during your next grocery store run and grab one (or five) when you do spot them on TJ's shelves, because your cat will definitely thank you. Here's to this holiday season being the merriest one yet for both humans and four-legged friends alike.