6 Cuffing Season Date Ideas That Will Keep Things Casual

Life is a balancing act. We all strive to maintain some semblance of balance between our work and social lives, between budgeting and splurging, and even between working out and lounging around on your couch. If you find yourself cuffed this season, one element of a successful and enjoyable cuff situation is striking a balance between keeping things casual and catching serious feelings. These cuffing season date ideas perfectly toe that line and let you and your partner enjoy each other's company, free from the pressure of getting in too deep.

Sure, you might meet your new bae's friends and they might meet yours, but you might want to shy away from small birthday gatherings or brunches with the fam. Of course you might both catch feelings and then you'll be off to the races! But in the meantime, you'll want to figure out how to hang out and keep things within the established perimeters of cuff-dom.

Fall presents tons of fun adventure and date opportunities from apple picking to hay rides to Halloween parties. If you communicate clearly with your cuffed boo about how you feel and what you want, you could surely navigate any date scenario, but these fall-themed date ideas will certainly keep you in the safe zone while also being a total blast.

Haunted House

Even if being scared by strangers dressed as zombies and navigating the dark twists and turns of a haunted house doesn't sound like your ideal Saturday night, going with someone who's got your back will make this frighteningly fun. It's also a chance to be with your bae in public but with low stakes since there won't be a lot of opportunities to have deep conversations and intimate bonding. But there will be plenty of chances to grab their arm and get close, so go ahead and brave the spooks and ghouls this fall!


Much like a music festival or a concert, going to karaoke is a fun, low-stakes way to dance, let loose, and listen to some tunes. This is another situation not super conducive to deep conversations, instead putting you in a setting with your partner that's fun and light-hearted. Plus, your partner might just turn out to be an amazing singer, or an amazingly terrible singer. Either way, you'll have a good time.

Games At A Dive Bar

In general, playing games with someone you're dating isn't very kind, but playing literal games with them can be a great thing! Games can bring out your competitive spirit or playing on the same team can bring you two together in a fun way. Head to your local dive bar and play pool, challenge your partner to a game of ping pong, or try your hand at darts. Whatever your game of choice is, a dive-y bar is a fun, chill setting for some playful competitive action.

Do Your Laundry

JK. This would be a really lame date, unless your cuffed one will actually do your laundry, in which case maybe you should marry them.


Baby it's cold-ish outside, so what better time to spend a chilly evening bundled up on your couch with your cuff bud and plow through some episodes of your favorite shows? Chances are there's plenty of episodes of TV you haven't gotten around to watching yet, or you both haven't ever seen a massive series like Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale or HBO's Succession. Wrap up in a blanket and your bae's arms and enjoy a binge-fest of epic proportions.

Group Party

Since keeping things casual is the name of the cuffing game, you might want to steer clear of intimate gatherings that consist of your nearest and dearest. But if you have a big bash on your calendar, inviting your cuff to "swing by" is totally kosher. Sure, they'll meet some of your friends, but in a crowded bar with loud music, you'll get to dance, drink, and party with your crew and your cuff. Boom — best of both worlds.

So while "dinner and drinks" are classic go-to date ideas, this cuffing season is a great time to try something a little different with your partner. These date ideas are chill, low-stakes ways to spend time with your main squeeze for the season without pushing the two of you into "real relationship" status scenarios.

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