This Prosecco Ice Cream Will Make You Rethink A Traditional NYE Champagne Toast

Courtesy Of Tipsy Scoop

I'm a total summer baby, a lifelong dairy enthusiast, and a dedicated bubbly drinker, so it should come as no surprise that two of my absolute favorite things in life are ice cream and — of course — Prosecco. I've always thought that combining the two would make for an undeniably excellent New Year's Day treat, and it turns out that it actually exists at a New York City ice cream parlor known for its delectably boozy treats. So, if you haven't already gotten the chance to try Tipsy Scoop's Strawberry Prosecco Delight ice cream, it is seriously everything I could ask for this holiday season. To be completely honest, I could go for some right about now.

Any bubbly enthusiast out there has most likely tried Cavit Wine at some point in their Prosecco-lovin' lives, and the renowned wine company just teamed up with New York City's Tipsy Scoop, a popular boozy ice cream spot, located at 217 East 26th Street. Together, the two powerhouses created Strawberry Prosecco Delight, an ice cream flavor that combines creamy vanilla, Cavit Prosecco flavor, and — of course — a saccharine strawberry swirl. It officially became available in stores as of Friday, Dec. 15, and if you can't make it in-person, you can order it from for a mere $12 a pint. Sounds pretty magical, doesn't it?

Courtesy Of Tipsy Scoop

When it comes to just how "tipsy" this scoop might get you, each Tipsy Scoop ice cream flavor contains up to 5 percent ABV, according to the ice cream shop, so make sure you consider that before indulging a spoonful of the stuff.

You will definitely want to get in on this soon, though, because this fantastic flavor won't be around for too much longer. In fact, Tipsy Scoop's Strawberry Prosecco Delight is only going to be available until Jan. 7 or until it runs out in-stores, according to Tipsy Scoop. You definitely shouldn't count on it being there until much longer after the new year, though — it is most likely going to be a staple at every New Year's Eve/Day party this year. I know for a fact it'll make an appearance at mine.

Courtesy Of Tipsy Scoop

There's a pretty likely chance you've heard of Tipsy Scoop in the past — the ice cream haven known for their boozy sweet treats came out with a variety of super popular liquor-infused ice cream sandwiches a few years ago. One kind was made with rainbow sprinkle cookies and cake batter vodka martini ice cream, and if you ask me, that sounds like all I want to eat this summer. If you're in the Manhattan area, you could get a 12-pack for only $60, or you could order them on Goldbelly. Honestly, it's worth every penny in my book.

I've never had a craving for Prosecco-infused ice cream until right now, and honestly, I can't get the thought of it out of my head. Strawberry Prosecco Delight sounds like the fruity, boozy treat that I definitely need more of in my life, and I know for a fact it'll be the star of my New Year's Eve party. Snag some for your upcoming holiday festivities, or eat it all for yourself. Regardless, it's definitely worth a trip to the Big Apple.