Tinder U’s New Spring Break Card Will Help You Swipe Right On Spring Break & Find Your Vacay-Bae

Spring break is right around the corner, so the question is: Are you ready? Vacation location selected and booked? Check. Adorable new bathing suit in your bag? Check. Sunscreen, too — because those UVs ain't no joke? Check. What about your vacay-bae? Have you found of of those yet? If the answer to that last, oh-so-important question is “no” because you think you have to wait until you get there to find someone, then I and Tinder have some very exciting news for you. Thanks to Tinder U’s Spring Break Card, waiting until you reach your Spring Break destination before you start swiping on some holiday love is so last year. With this new feature, you aren't going to have to wait to match up and start chatting with your holiday hottie hookup anymore.

I am not going to lie, as someone who likes to have all the most important parts of a getaway planned in advance — and loves all the chatting and flirting when you first match with someone new — Tinder's Spring Break mode is exactly what I need to lock in that last, super-important detail and start getting in the vacation spirit. So, receiving a sneak peek at who else is headed to the same same spot in advance is just what I’ve been waiting for. According to Tinder, "Whether you’re jetting off to Las Vegas, soaking up the sun in Cabo, or hanging out in your hometown, you’ll be able to swipe on other students embarking on the same adventure." Here you thought Spring Break couldn't get more exciting.


Similar to Tinder’s Passport feature, which gave users the ability to find matches around the world while on vacation, and Tinder U, which enabled college students to connect with fellow students, this new feature will make it possible for students to match over the holiday in various popular Spring Break destinations. Beginning on March 4 and running through March 31, "Tinder U users will be able to swipe right on others heading to the most popular Spring Break destinations like Mexico, The Bahamas, and more,” the company said in its announcement. What’s more: “Just like Tinder’s popular Passport feature, college students will have the chance to swipe on users heading to Spring Break destinations before they arrive."

Sounds great, right? But how does it work? It's actually super simple. According to Tinder, using this feature is as easy as logging into the app and looking for the Spring Break Card. "From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where. We’ll show you the location your potential matches are headed right on their profiles, so you can match and chat before you pack your bags and go," the company writes. Bam — time to start matching, flirting, and making some very special Spring Break plans.

While meeting a vacay-bae isn't the most important part of Spring Break compared to getting time to bond with your friends and making lifelong memories, it doesn't hurt to have a few holiday hotties pre-swiped thanks to Tinder U's Spring Break Card. Just sayin’!