Tinder's Addictive New Feature Leads To More Matches & Longer Conversations

If you haven't updated Tinder in a while, it's time to get on that. The dating app's latest update includes a new element that could change the way your potential matches see you. Tinder Loops is a new feature that lets you showcase your personality on your profile in a whole new way: with two-second videos that loop over and over, so every user you come across can see your best hair flip or most epic cannonball on repeat.

The app's first video-based feature was tested in Canada, Sweden, and Japan in April. Today, Loops launches to iOS users in the U.S. and Western Europe, a representative for Tinder told Elite Daily in an email. In addition to adding flair to your profile, Loops leads to better experiences on the app, including more matches and longer conversations. In test markets, users who added Loops to their profile received an average of nearly 10 percent more right swipes, and users' average conversation lengths with each match were more than 20 percent longer. Not too shabby.

“Loops brought profiles in Canada, Sweden and Japan to life over the past few months and we are delighted to make the feature available to more Tinder users around the world,” Brian Norgard, Chief Product Officer at Tinder, tells Elite Daily. "We created Loops so that users can highlight their personalities in a more dynamic, fun way — and we’ve already seen an increase in the number of matches during the test, as well as longer conversations."

If the thought of editing videos down to two seconds gives you major flashbacks to struggling with iMovie back in the day, don't stress — Tinder makes it pretty simple. Users can crop their Loops to two breezy seconds within the app. Once you upload a video clip, you can drag a slider to select the portion you'd like to turn into a Loop, and choose the still image that represents your video. It's that simple.


So, what could you Loop? Here are just a few suggestions to kick off your next swiping spree.

  1. Your best hair flip or an air kiss — glam.
  2. Your most epic cannonball.
  3. Your reps at the gym. (Hey, why not? You're working hard!)
  4. The view from your spot on the beach.
  5. Your favorite #OOTD.
  6. A snippet of your last vacation.
  7. A funny face... or 10 funny faces with your crew.
  8. Your dog's fluffiest moment.
  9. All the pizza you're gonna eat later on.
  10. The Vine that still cracks you up all these years later.
  11. Your sorority's hand sign.
  12. Your best attempt at a handstand.
  13. The music video that speaks to your soul.
  14. Blowing out the candles on your last birthday.
  15. The feast you made for your last dinner party.
  16. An action shot of your most recent hike.
  17. Turning up last Friday night.
  18. Your best dance moves.
  19. Showing off your secret talent.
  20. TBH, any video where you look fly AF.

You feel me? Any of these video snippets would make amazing Loops (especially the last one... just saying). As long as you're showing off your personality, highlighting your sense of humor, or giving your potential matches a firsthand look at your life, you've got Loops on lock. It's an easy way to add oomph to your profile.

If you're struggling to fit all your amazing new Loops into your profile, don't sweat it — Tinder is increasing the number of photo and Loops slots from six to nine.

If you remember how life-changing it was when Instagram added its Boomerang feature, you get the picture for how Loops can make your experience on Tinder even sweeter. Plus, the increased number of right swipes and the longer conversations don't hurt. It seems like the more effort and love you put into your profile, the better the app gets. Your potential matches get a more nuanced glimpse into who you really are — always a bonus — and you're offering up more fodder for what could lead to an amazing conversation. I'd swipe right on that. Wouldn't you?

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